Cadila Healthcare’s Hepatitis C Drug Might Be Of Help In Fighting Covid-19 Virus, Shows Trial

Cadila Healthcare’s Hepatitis C drug might be of help when it comes to treating patients in the early stages of the Covid 19 virus.

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 6, 2021

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A Hepatitis C drug that is produced by the Indian Pharmaceutical company Cadila might have promising results in relation to Covid-19 treatment. The company has asked for approval from local regulators to use the medicine in the treatment of the virus.

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The drug has shown promising interim results in a late-stage trial in relation to the treatment of patients infected by the Covid 19 virus. Cadila Healthcare has said in a statement that one dose of the Hepatitis C drug when taken early, can help the patients affected by the Covid-19  virus and might stop any further complication. It can also help the patients recover faster from the disease. 91% of patients who were given the drug and then tested in RT-PCR tests, were found negative whereas in standard care only 79% of patients test negative.

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The Hepatitis C drug that might be used to treat Covid-19 patients is named Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2b. Cadila has said that the Phase III clinical trial of the drug has shown positive results in relation to Covid 19. The drug was originally approved for the liver disease Hepatitis C 10 years ago but it seems like the medicine might be reused for the treatment of the deadly Covid -19 virus. India seems to have seen a surge of cases in all the regions in the last few days. There seem to be more than 7 lakh active cases and almost 1.6 lakh deaths in total in India.

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