Burj Khalifa Lights Up With Indian Tricolour To Show Soldiarity Amidst COVID-19 Second Wave

Burj Khalifa recently displayed the Indian tricolour. The tallest building in the world displayed the Indian tricolour to show its solidarity towards India as it battles COVID-19’s second wave.

Tanvi Dhote

April 28, 2021

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India’s second COVID-19 wave is gaining solidarity from across the globe. The pandemic’s second wave has taken several lives across the country and many are still suffering due to a shortage of medical supplies. Amidst this critical situation, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa lit up in solidarity with India. The Burj Khalifa displayed a pictured of the Indian tricolour owning to its ongoing battle with the COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countries across the globe. But after battling the deadly virus for a year, several countries are now adapting to the new normal and have begun to stabilise themselves again. While India began to do the same a few months ago, the number of COVID-19 cases began increasing once again. These numbers multiplied in no time and now the country is battling the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Many countries have stepped up now to help India through this difficult time. Apart from helping India, many have also chosen to show their solidarity with Indian citizens and the tough time they are facing during this second wave. As mentioned earlier, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa was lit up with the Indian tri-colour for the same cause. Along with the picture of the tricolour, Burj Khalifa also displayed the #STAYSTRONGINDIA. This display of the Indian tricolour went on for a few minutes with a subtle background score.

The embassy of India also shared a clip of the same on their social Twitter handle. The video was shared along with the #IndiaUAEDosti. At the time of writing the video had more than 4k retweets and 15k likes. And this count is increasing as more people are becoming aware of this gesture. Take a look at the Indian Embassy in UAE’s Twitter post below.

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