BTS Pictures Of Deva And Parvathi From Muddha Mandaram That Will Remind You Of Their Love

Sneha Bale

August 28, 2019


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Dapper Deva With Pretty Parvathi


In the Telugu TV show Muddha Mandaram, for over four years, Deva and Parvathi, played by actors Pavan Sae and Thanuja Gowda, have ruled the prime time on television screens. Now we see the actors as Abhinandan and Soudarya, both of who are a breath of fresh air. But we sure miss the original pair.

When Deva And Parvathi Celebrated Together


Everything in the Ghattammaneni family of Muddha Mandaram is over the top and so are their celebrations and festivities. But we must say, Deva and Parvathi added more fun to these celebrations. Miss it? Same!

The Little Mischief Between Them


On-screen, Deva and Parvathi were always the shy and silent ones, but behind the screen, we have seen them as the mischievous pair. This collage is a perfect example of how Thanuja and Pavan are nothing like Deva and Parvathi.

The Cute And Romantic Couple


If you have been following Muddha Mandaram for long enough, we’re sure there must have been times when you were unsure of Deva and Parvathi’s relationship outside the set. They made us all believe that they are a real couple. Alas! They aren’t.

The Good Ol’ Days In Kashmir


One of the most favourite highlights of Deva and Parvathi’s journey for their fans has to be the Kashmir trip. To rekindle their love and start a life, they spend a few days in picturesque Kashmir.

A New Beginning For Deva And Parvathi


After all the trouble that the Ghattammeneni family of Muddha Mandaram had to deal with, a new chapter began when Deva and Parvathi announced the news of their soon-to-born baby. But who knew, fate had different plans for the couple. And of course, the tragic end has scarred all its fans.

Does It Get Any More Cute Than This?


This picture of Thanuja holding a picture of Deva and Parvathi has to be the cutest thing that you have seen today! After spending all these days without Deva and Parvathi, we’re really hoping Abhi and Soundarya bring their magic soon.

If you love Deva and Parvathi’s love story, we’re sure Madhu and Mridula will make you fall for them too. Watch Ninne Pelladatha on ZEE5 now.

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