Broken But Beautiful Season 2 Review: A Tender Love Story Of Two Beautifully Broken People

Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi play the lead characters of Veer and Sameera in the premise of this poignant love story of two broken hearts.

Aayushi Sharma

November 28, 2019


8 min


“Every broken piece of me fell on every broken piece of you and when I took the missing parts, like the emptiness of me I saw the emptiness of you and I poured my half upon you to fill you whole. I risked it all just to dream you complete and catch you one day free in the wild.” These hard-hitting words by Robert M. Drake beautifully sum up ZEE5 Original and ALTBalaji Original Broken But Beautiful Season 2. “Sometimes the most beautiful people are beautifully broken,” says the poet and that’s exactly what the central characters Veer and Sameera are. Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi play the lead roles in the premise of this poignant love story of two broken hearts. How they lean on each other for support, distance, and find their way back to each other forms the rest of the narrative.

The first season, Broken But Beautiful, showed how Veer and Sameera are shattered by their last relationship. Fate had it to break their loving and gentle hearts, souls and spirits. But the same fate also made them cross paths and find warmth in each other’s brokenness. While we may have all grown up watching how love makes the world go round, Broken But Beautiful told us that breakups and splits can be a train wreck. Veer and Sameera’s story of losing their respective partner was equal parts heart-wrenching and every bit of reality. After separating at the lake, Veer and Sameera get on with life in Broken But Beautiful Season 2.

Sameera moves on to a relationship with Ahan (Gaurav Arora), a positive and happy-go-lucky man.  Gaurav Arora was earlier seen in movies like Raaz: Reboot and Love Games. Veer develops a strong friendship with Debbie, a wine sommelier who loves life. Anuja Joshi, who makes her web-series debut with this show, plays the role of Debbie. Just when the two opposite poles of the magnet think they are leaving their past behind, they meet each other again! The tables have now turned. Veer is a reflection of what Sameera earlier was while the latter has transformed herself into a self-loving girl. What doesn’t change is how Veer and Sameera feel for each other, despite having new partners in their lives. The die-hard romantics are faced with intense, delightful and humourous moments that make their love for each other stand the test of time. Will this end in a soppy saga again or will it become a happily ever after? Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning to an end for Veer and Sameera? Watch the episodes to find out!

Bankrolled by Sarita Tanwar, Broken But Beautiful Season 2 is all about what happens after the happily-ever-after kicks in! The series makes you shed bucketful of tears, soak them in a box full of tissues while reminiscing a similar experience if any. It, indeed, is an invaluable addition to India’s list of sterling digital dramas. Packed with endless entertaining and engaging moments, there are countless moments that make you root for Veer and Sameera. However, one cannot deny there are scenes that annoy you to death because Veer and Sameera just won’t ship it already!

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The episodes are enhanced by multi-nuanced characters including Porno (Pooja Bhamrrah), Ishanvi (Poppy Jabbal) among others who keep Sameera and Veer protected from further hurt. The girls have dished out remarkable performances as the supporting cast, keeping the viewers hooked, booked and intrigued. We are digging Gaurav Arora’s heartthrob hottie looks and are head-over-heels in love with his admirable acting chops. Anuja as Debbie embodies every modern-day girl ever and is relatable beyond words. The casting has been completely on point, to say the least. Because every character enjoys a well etched out graph and flows flawlessly.

Harleen Sethi, take a bow. If season one of Broken But Beautiful announced her arrival with a polished performance from the gorgeous girl, her impeccable stint in Season 2 assures you that she is here to stay. Her smile lights up a zillion lamps and the darkest corners of your heart. Add to that the illuminating, blinding shine of her 1,000-watt passion that steals the thunder in every frame. From a girl with zero self-esteem to a girl with high self-value, Sameera redeems herself and rises like a phoenix from the ashes in this new season. The eloquence, elegance and enthralling factor that Harleen offers as Sameera is unique to her and her alone. So much so that we cannot imagine anybody else plays Sameera!

We tip our hat to Vikrant Massey because superlatives fly off the keyboard as we try to sum up his performance. One must brush their adjectives before trying to describe his performance, for we doubt any would do justice. He swings between the new Veer and old Veer, makes us smile, makes us cry, makes us all gooey and makes us go crazy. His controlled yet commendable chops take us on a roller-coaster of emotions. As he walks away with our hearts every time, we yearn for more and more of him. The brilliance is unmatchable and we can now say with all surety, he can never deliver a dud.

Broken But Beautiful season 2
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Harsh Dedhia, the director of Broken But Beautiful Season 2, maintains the momentum from Season 1. The interest in the series is only piqued further as we excitedly await Season 3! Until then, the music of Broken But Beautiful Season 2 will keep you company. The music album is a mix of magical singalongs that directly tug at your heartstrings. Meaningful lyrics and melodious tunes of O Saajna, Teri Hogaiyaan set a mellow mood and can be heard on repeat.

A special mention to the writers of the show who have excellently retained the flavour while also adding a fresh tadka! The dialogues are all things emotional, romantic, fiery and gritty. The story of Broken But Beautiful Season 2 hits you right in the feels, covering all of the insides. It is an enchanting journey of two wounded souls who find each other on the same wavelength, combine their forces to create something sublime and serene filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after!

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