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Britney Spears is “uninterested” in fixing her relationship with this author, here’s why


October 15, 2021

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Following news of Jamie Lynn’s novel Britney Spears appeared to remark that she has no desire in healing her connection with her sister

During her conservatorship court battle, Britney Spears has been more open than ever about her legal difficulties, making rare comments on the matter since the arrangement was put in place in 2008. Notably, the pop singer, 39, has been publicly and indirectly criticizing members of her family, tweeting statements that fans have linked to her sister Jamie Lynn, who is an upcoming author.

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Following Britney’s most recent cryptic post, which appeared to be in response to the news of her sister’s upcoming memoir.  Britney has no intention to rebuild her ties with Jamie Lynn, hinting that the singer views her sister’s new book as a method to profit off her high-profile legal struggle.

It’s sad to say, but Britney isn’t surprised that Jamie Lynn is manipulating the media spotlight on their family to promote her own book. Britney has been repeatedly let down by her own family. It’s a pity because Britney has a golden heart. Before the conservatorship, all she wanted was to provide for her family.

“What irritates Britney the most is that Jamie Lynn isn’t even speaking up for her right now.” Britney is now uninterested in having a relationship with her sister. “And who could blame her?”  Jamie Lynn finally spoke out about the conservatorship in June, following Britney’s first court appearance. She had been silent about her sister’s legal situation for a long time.

Britney made an Instagram post a few weeks later in which she chastised the “people closest” to her for their fake support. She didn’t mention anyone by name, but fans assumed she was referring to Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn’s renamed memoir Things I Should Have Said was announced on October 12, prompting the latest possible shade. Britney followed up with her own Instagram post, announcing that she was “considering releasing a book.”

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