Britain To Impose Fines Up To £10,000 For Flouting COVID-19 Rules

If people breach rules of self-isolation and fail to declare COVID-19 symptoms, the UK government can impose fines upto £10,000

Raghav N

September 21, 2020

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As nations around the world struggle to contain COVID-19 infections, England has imposed fresh rules where those breaking the Coronavirus restrictions will face fines up to 10,000 pounds. United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that non-compliant individuals will not be spared from punishment.

According to the revised protocol, anyone who does not self-isolate after encountering an infected patient will be charged with a fine. The amount ranges from 1,000 pounds for first-time offences to 10,000 pounds for repeated offenders. This also applies to employers who decide to fire their staff who are in self-quarantine instead of being at work. The new set of instructions are applicable from 28 September.

Current British guidelines ask people to stay at home for at least 10 days if they are suffering from any Corona symptoms. Also, any positive patient will have to declare the details of outsiders with whom they were in touch with in the last few days before falling ill. The country has also banned social gatherings of more than 6 people, including children.

Fearing another wave with a spike in cases especially amongst young adults, the UK government is implementing new measures to contain the pandemic. Other nations including Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have also put similar regulations in place.

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