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#BreakingTheBarriers: This Women’s Day, revisiting Crossroad and its portrayal of strong women

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March 3, 2021

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On the special occasion of Women’s Day, let’s revisit Crossroad and discuss some of the strongest female characters portrayed in it.

Movies are a reflection of society and we relate to them on the same basis. From our little joys to day-to-day issues, seeing the on-screen characters going through similar situations helps us relate to them even more. While the world tends to turn a blind eye towards the problems of women, some movies shed light on the same and it feels much more empowering. Crossroad released in 2017 is one such movie relatable to all and features some of the strongest female characters out there.

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Crossroad is a drama anthology movie featuring the likes of Richa Panai, Mamta Mohandas, Isha Talwar and Priyanka Nair among others. Revolving around the lives of 10 women, the stories focus on the perspectives of women who go through some life-changing situations. From day-to-day sombre thoughts to marital rape, everything that womanhood is often subjected to is portrayed in these soul-stirring stories.

Padmapriya in Crossroad (Source: ZEE5)

The anthology talks from the women’s perspective and explores the power of feminity in the backdrop of a society that doesn’t appreciate strong women. However, each story has an up and a down, showing us that no matter what, the world keeps moving on and it takes a tough soul to put up with it. For instance, the story Oru Ratriyude Kooli, directed by Madhupal, talks about Seema, a sex worker, and her desire to be a mother.

Be it the dilemmas of Devi, a widow of a soldier, in Kaval directed by Nemom Pushparaj or the challenging life of a woman photographer in Pakshikalude Manam directed by Nayana Suryan, each story is more gripping than the other. One can’t help but relate to these women and their angst as they fight alone against the settings of a patriarchal society. While the photographer, portrayed by Mythili, wants to go out of her comfort zone, her control-freak husband keeps drawing the line to a point that she lets loose, making us all realise that she should never have been controlled in the first place.

Mythili in Crossroad (Source: ZEE5)

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With overlapping plot points yet distinct in their own ways, the stories of Crossroad remind us that our fights are to be fought. In Maunam by Babu Thiruvalla, Sally, played by Manasa, is forced to become a nun, while in the very next tale, Mamta Mohandas’ character explores the human-religion bonding in the best of ways. Mudra directed by Albert, shows Gaya Parameshwaran, a celebrated classical dancer played by Isha Talwar empowering her friend Padmavathi in the purest form.

A still from Crossroad (Source: ZEE5)

Meanwhile, in Lake House directed by Sashi Paravoor, we see a young air hostess played by Richa Panai dealing with the loss of her husband. It is impossible to not notice the character arcs of the women in these stories. From being vocal against their troubles to lifting each other up, the movie features some of the strongest women characters ever.

While a woman finding the courage to travel with a strange driver makes the story of Cherivu directed by Avira Rebecca, Pinpe Nadappaval helmed by Lenin Rajendran sheds light on the life of a Malabar girl who faces marital rape. These stories show that the fights may not be the same for everyone but are important to them. Each of these women facing their struggles and winning at the end is the ultimate message to the power of feminity that can never be destroyed by an outside force.

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