#BreakingTheBarriers: This Women’s Day, let’s revisit Daab Chingri, the story of a young woman and her unmatched kindness

Watch the beautiful inspirational story of selflessness and determination that the film Daab Chingri brings to you this Women’s Day!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 6, 2021


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While many believe that people of the younger generations have grown to be extremely self-centred or plain selfish, it is often forgotten how there still are several people who selflessly come to the rescue of others. Daab Chingri‘s story is a very similar one. With Women’s Day 2021 approaching us soon, this film is a must-watch, which, through Ishaa Saha’s character, testifies how countless women do possess a beautiful heart and an extremely giving soul at a time when many people do not.

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The 2019 film Daab Chingri brings to you a very lovely story that dives deep into the lives of ordinary people to showcase the true meaning of selflessness. The plot of the film revolves around the lives of a bunch of aged people who run their own food delivery business from their old-age home. When an old man, a well-wisher, who was almost like a caretaker of those elderly people ends up getting diagnosed with cancer, the members of the old-age home decide to help him however possible.

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While Ishaa Saha’s character is a regular visitor at the old-age home, Shaheb Bhattacharjee plays the role of a competitor who runs his family’s food business. Competing to be the food vendors for a huge party, the old-age home, along with Ishaa’s character, comes face to face with Shaheb’s character and his business. What follows is an exceptionally beautiful and heartwarming series of events that shines a light on the absolute compassion and kindness that Ishaa’s character offers to the old-age home’s residents and their business objectives – to help fund their caretaker’s treatment.

Ishaa Saha, Paran Bandhopadhyay and Sandhya Roy in Daab Chingri
Source: ZEE5

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Directed by Sudeep Das, Daab Chingri is a truly touching story of a strange set of human connections that are simply bound by unselfish love and care for each other. Ishaa Saha’s character in the film puts forth an essence of kindness that seems to have become a rare occurrence in today’s age. Her giving nature, protectiveness for these elderly people, and helpfulness at every step of their business succeed at warming up even the coldest of hearts. Breaking the stereotypical barriers of youngsters turning selfish and careless, she sets a brilliant example of honest nurturing and affection.

Shaheb Chatterjee and Ishaa Saha in Daab Chingri
Source: ZEE5

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While on one hand, we witness how brutally unkindly the kids of the elderly people react when the latter ask them to help fund the caretaker’s medical treatment, we also see the depth of Ishaa’s character’s wholehearted helpful, and caring nature. Starring eminent Bengali actors such as Paran Bandopadhyay, Mithu Chakraborty, Sandhya Roy, and many more, the film narrates a sweet little story of kindness, care, and love. Ishaa Saha and Shaheb Bhattacharjee are also seen starring in prominent roles in Daab Chingri. This Women’s Day, catch this heartwarming must-watch with your loved ones and some delicious movie-time snacks.

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