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#BreakingTheBarriers: This Women’s Day, celebrating Phirki’s Lokkhi, the transgender mother who beat all odds

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 2, 2021

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Ahead of Women’s Day 2021, let us remember Lokkhi, the brave, beautiful, and determined mother of Phirki, who overcame countless challenges thrown her way due to her gender identity.

Countless powerful and willful women have been at the forefront of several major and notable events and aspects of life, and have brought about significant changes in society over the years. Similarly, Phirki‘s lead character Lokkhi, a transgender woman and Phirki‘s mother is one such personality who has inspired and paved the way for numerous others by overcoming unimaginable hurdles along the way. As Women’s Day 2021 approaches us all, it is only right we look back on her unmissable story once.

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The plot of Phirki revolves around the life of a fearless and strong-willed transgender woman, Lokkhi, played by Aarja Banerjee, and her daughter, Phirki. While raising a child as a single parent might be a tough role to do absolute justice to, being a transgender mother is an even tougher job. However, the show beautifully showcases the immense strength and unbroken zest for life that Lokkhi constantly keeps up while raising her rescued daughter. Despite facing severe societal pressure, oppression and uncountable challenges in her journey of life, Lokkhi persevered through everything and came out victorious as a truly inspirational transgender mother of a loving daughter. Not only did she succeed at motherhood as a transgender woman, but she also raised Phirki to be a progressive and kind-hearted young lady who stood by her side through every high and low of life.

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While Zee Bangla has given us many inspirational stories, Lokkhi’s story in Phirki was one of the most unique and uplifting ones of all time. It is not the most usual occurrence for a transgender woman to be the leading lady of a serial, but Lokkhi surely proved it otherwise. Watching her unapologetic life unfold in front of our eyes was a truly motivating and heartwarming experience as she battled several societal evils while mothering a young Phirki.

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Source: ZEE5

From facing basic human rights issues to being denied education to her daughter only based on her gender identity, Lokkhi went through it all. Her unbroken zeal for life and a never-back-down approach in complex situations helped her survive each and every challenge that life threw her way. Eventually, with a matured and grown-up Phirki by her side, Lokkhi fought through things and led a beautifully inspiring life.

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