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#BreakingTheBarriers: Revisiting Ulta and its village of Ponnapuram where gender roles are reversed

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March 6, 2021

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On this Women’s Day, let’s take a look at Ponnapuram and how the gender-reversed village from Ulta inspired us all.

We often find ourselves in situations where we think about the change in outcome if we were the opposite gender. While it is only a mere thought most of the time, it would be amazing to be in a place where gender roles are swapped and for a change, both genders understand what the other one has to go through. As International Women’s Day is yet again around the corner, let’s shed light on Ulta and its fictional setting of Ponnapuram village where the gender roles are reversed.

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Ulta, featuring Gokul Suresh, Prayaga Martin, Anusree, Surabhi Lakshmi, and Ramesh Pisharody was indeed a revolutionary story. Termed a fictional comedy story, the movie was a mixed bag that was adored by many. Ulta tells the story of a fictional village named Ponnapuram where the women are empowered and choose to challenge gender roles. The women here live by the sole aim of being better than the men.

Anusree and Surabhi Lakshmi in Ulta
Anusree and Surabhi Lakshmi in Ulta (Source: ZEE5)

Leaving men the second place, the women take matters into their own hands. However, the movie takes a turn as a few men led by Ramesh Pisharody try to take back control of the village. The agitated pack of men can’t believe that their village is run by women and decide to grab it back from them. Set as a satirical comedy, the movie reflects on a man’s behaviour after he loses control over his environment and the opposite gender.

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Penned by veteran screenwriter-turned-director Suresh Poduval, the village of Ponnapuram is as quirky as it can get. While the theme seems alien for most of us, characters essayed by actors like KPAC Lalita, Anusree and Prayaga Martin pull us to the ground to realise that we have all been in such relatable situations. From women astrologers suggesting religious rituals to combat attacks caused by men to a woman taking a jab at her pride after she loses a game of musical chair to a man, the gender reversal scenarios simply put out the privileged behaviour men have been roaming around with all this time.

A still from Ulta
A still from Ulta (Source: ZEE5)

Even with all the comedy, action, and romance, Ulta sticks to its point and delivers a well-constructed social message through its storyline. Portraying the outcomes of gender-reversed scenarios, the movie talks about how the gender roles attached to each field of work, politics, and family are baseless. The movie goes on to show how both genders can live in harmony and achieve great things if given equal respect and opportunity.

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