#BreakingTheBarriers: Here’s how men like Prema Entha Madhuram’s Subbu are instrumental in women’s progress

Subbu from Prema Entha Madhuram is one of the main reasons for Anu’s success and here’s why we think so!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 7, 2021



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Prema Entha Madhuram starring  Varsha HK as Anu and Sriram Venkat as Arya features one of the best fathers! We have taken a look at strong women who break the barriers every day and redefine their limitations but sometimes, these women are also supported by men like Anu’s father Subbu.  We would love to have more men like him around us. He is one of Anu’s biggest support systems and here’s why we love him!

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Subbu is ahead of his times and we are sure you would agree. At a time when people around him only thought of getting their daughters married, he made sure that Anu grew up to be a well-educated and smart woman, independent and confident. While Anu works late nights in her job, he makes sure he is there to support her.

He never pays heed to what his neighbours say. He might want Anu to get married and settle down, but never at the cost of her flourishing career. When she was busy balancing her work and studies, he made sure that all the neighbours’ thoughts and opinions never disrupted Anu. He fought that battle all alone so that Anu could work peacefully.

Subbu and Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Source: ZEE5

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Nothing comes close to Anu’s career for him, and he has proven this time and again. Even when he thought that Anu and Arya should not be working together, he made sure that Anu found another job. He loves it when Anu does well in her work and is always proud of her. He would never snatch away his daughter’s independence at any cost.

He tries to understand Anu at all points in time. Remember when he thought that Anu was in love with Neel? He did not try to stop them from meeting each other but tried to find out if they wanted to get married. He always respects his daughter’s choices. Subbu is certainly one of those men who want women to progress in all walks of life.

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