#BreakingTheBarriers: Celebrating the women of Godavari and Ye Maaya Chesave who normalised being flawed

While Women’s Day is around the corner, here’s why we would love to have more women like Ye Maaya Chesave’s Jesse and Godavari’s Seetha Mahalakshmmi!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 7, 2021



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Women’s Day is almost here and it is time to celebrate some of the strongest and kindest women who help in making this world a better place to live in. While most of the women on-screen are often showed to be no less than perfect, we thought of analysing two of the strongest and yet the most realistic women on-screen! Kamalinee Mukherjee as Sita Mahalakshmi in Godavari and Samantha Akkineni as Jesse in Ye Maaya Chesave, are far from perfection and yet too loveable!

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Jesse from Ye Maya Chesave 

We have all known that one woman who hardly goes against her parent’s wishes and wants to keep everyone around her happy. This is exactly what Jesse is, but she also tells us that it is not always practical for you to keep everyone happy at the cost of your feelings.

Jesse, played by Samantha Akkineni, is courageous enough to call off a wedding at the altar but also lacks the heart to run away with the boy she loves at the cost of hurting her parents. She is not dependent on anyone for anything but she also comes across as indecisive when it comes to committing to Karthik. The fact that she breaks her boundaries while being as flawed as all of us, makes her admirable and relatable!

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha in Ye Maaya Chesave
Source: ZEE5

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Sita Mahalakshmi in Godavari

If you are starting out in your career and in your mid-20s, you will certainly relate the most to Sita! She is constantly broke, trying to stand on her feet and this is what makes her so recognisable. Sita Mahalakshmi decides to go to Badrachalam, to prove the point that she doesn’t have to get married to travel, contrary to what so many Indian parents still want their children to follow.

While she wants to prove to the world that she needs no one, she ends up learning that it is okay to ask for help. She is also fearless enough to tell someone that she likes them, but fears crossing a bridge. She starts her own business at a very young age but also teaches us to not be too hard on ourselves and get out of what doesn’t make us happy.

Kamalinee Mukherjee and Sumanth in Godavari
Source: ZEE5

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