Bramhagantu Actress Swathi Aka Sumathi Reveals That Lucky Is Childlike In Real Life Too

During an EXCLUSIVE interview with us, Swathi ma’am spoke fondly of Geetha and Lucky. She also spoke about her film career and her best roles.

Parinika Uchil

October 2, 2019

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Playing the wonderful role of Sumathi on Bramhagantu is actress Swathi, who recently celebrated her birthday on 17th May. After she became pregnant, Sumathi started opening up to Geetha and now they are best friends. These two ladies also prove that emotional barriers, no matter how deep, can always be broken with love between a mother-in-law and her sose. In a recent exclusive interview with us, the actress got talking about her birthday plans and childhood birthday memories.

Along with this we even got a chance to ask her about her film career that she had to forego when she decided to have a family. She also spoke to us about the relationship she shares with Geetha and Lucky the onscreen duo as well as Geetha and Bharath Bopanna, the real-life kids. The most adorable thing she said about the lead-duo of Bramhagantu, was they were professional onscreen with the required amount of maturity needed but off-screen, they are just like kids. In the previous exclusive we shared on her birthday, she also spoke highly of TS Nagabharana Sir, who plays the role of Narasimha on the show.

Ready to fall even more in love with Swathi ma’am and the amazing human being that she is? Let’s check out that interview.

Q. You’ve worked in many films. Which has been your most memorable one and why?
A. I love all the films I have done to date because I got a chance to interact with different heroes. Like with Chakravyuha, I worked with Puneeth, in Tarak I worked with Darshan as his mother. In Chakravyuha I was Rachitha Ram’s mother. But I got to interact with Puneeth Sir more. Generally, we see him on-screen but working with him is a totally different experience. So like that, I love all the films I have done, including the recent film Geetha, where I play Ganesh’s mother. That was an amazing experience too. All in all, each project was a unique experience in itself. Also, they are such down-to-earth people, that’s the best part about them. But if I have to choose one character I loved the most it would be from the film Ananthu Vs Nusrath, where I played a Muslim woman. So understanding their nativity, or to adapt their culture and act accordingly was a blessed opportunity that I got. And I had never done such a role before. Another film which was dear to my heart performance-wise was the role in Geetha. It still hasn’t released yet, but it’s a wonderful character because, Ganesh Sir might have one track in the film, but Devaraj Sir and I have another story where we get divorced and we are separated. After that, how a mother and her son live life and in under what circumstances. And by the end, how it affects a child is what the movie looks at.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your co-stars Bharath/Geeta? Whom do you get along with the most?
A. Character-wise I think both of them have blended into the role completely, be it Geetha or Lucky. Like how they are bubbly and chirpy outside the sets, both of them show that much more maturity on camera while performing. Amazingly both of them are so talented. Now, coming to Geetha and Bharath Bopanna, outside of the sets. Honestly, they are both kids. And about Geetha I must say this, I have seen girls of today’s time, and I am not trying to compare, but she is the kind of person, for example, if Bharana sir or some set boy is feeling hot, she will create a make-shift fan and provide some breeze to them. She is the kind of girl who likes to see everyone together and happy. On our sets, there is absolutely no hatred. Generally, you must have heard about professional jealousy that goes on around, but we have no kind of negative atmosphere amongst us. I am so proud to be part of that. Definitely, the kudos goes to the director because he has maintained the decorum of the set so well. And of course, when the director is such, even the artists should stay in accordance right? So, yea, they are brilliant, both Geetha and Lucky. For me, Lucky is like a cute child only. He is like the epitome of innocence. Harsha, who plays the role of Datta, Pinky, or even Vanitha Ma’am, who is such a legend, who has made quite a name for herself in the yesteryears, they are all so down-to-earth. So you will never see that negative quality anywhere on our set. That’s how much love and happiness we have on our set. For example, when we work continuously for 20 days and get even one day break, we go awry about when we will see each other again. That lovely the set is. And Geetha and Lucky are just marvellous.

On the show, Sumathi Amma recently delivered a baby girl, so congratulations are in order to the whole family of course. With her son and daughter-in-law’s support, Sumathi Amma even survived the complications that she had to face during the delivery. While her onscreen role is super impressive, in real life too Swathi ma’am continues to win our hearts with her enigmatic persona and amazing talent.

Give a shout out to the evergreen actress, in the space below for the wonderful job that she is doing on the show.

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