Bramhagantu: 7 EXCLUSIVE Pics Of Geetha Bharati Bhat That Prove Plus-Size Women Rock!

Parinika Uchil

October 1, 2019

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Delicately Looking Down With A Light Smile

Source: ZEE5

There is no denying that women all over the globe have, in the recent few years, fought their way through stereotypes, old-age-ideologies, as well as gender biases and, have done so brilliantly. Our entire Zee Kannada roster of primetime shows is about women, who fight for their rights and freedom. Take Geetha Bhat from the hit family-Drama shows Bramhagantu for example.

The show is about an oversized woman Geetha who is married to the love of her life, a handsome and fit Kabbadi player Lucky. Now, Geetha’s oversized structure may have gotten her criticism initially but the beautiful actress could care less for such stereotypes. She is known for her love for nature, her holidays to nature-infused locations, her love for food, photography and singing.

So if in case, you are like namma Gundamma and are wondering that you may not look photogenic or good in photos take a look at these exclusive poses that make Geetha Bhat look stunning and prove yet again that plus-size women rock!

Looking for a delicate picture? Try this effortless pose. All you have to do is think about the love of your life and look down. If you aren’t married yet you could probably think about your crush.

Bringing Back Childhood Memories Pose

Source: ZEE5

Clinging to a tree like this, is all you have to do. If you take a closer look at this image, since Geetha is using the tree and standing slightly behind it, her body is well balanced with the tree acting as the buffer. So think of yourself as a child, hang from a branch like Geetha here, give a big smile to the camera and you are sorted!

The Nature-Lover Pose

Source: ZEE5

Be like Geetha and take cover behind a tree while getting photographed because that way you will also be at peace about your appearance and it won’t affect you one bit. All it will do is add that cuteness to your picture. Don’t forget to smile!

The Looking Away From The Camera Pose

Source: ZEE5

Not just if you are plus-sized, the pose that Geetha has aced works with any woman at all. Look away from the camera in a completely different direction and pretend to see the love of your life, automatically your face will light up.

The Candid Close-Up Pose

Source: ZEE5

This pic is a good example of how the wind in your hair can create some magic. Now, with the help of the tree as your prop, do the same ‘looking away pose with a slight smile’ as you did before and voila! You get an extraordinary image, just like that!

Say Cheese With A Plandid Pic

Source: ZEE5

Now this is a classic example of a plandid — a well-planned candid pic in which you strike a confident pose without looking into the camera and your surroundings are captured beautifully. Geetha looks adorable in this pic. Kind of like a ‘laugh in the moment’ pose specially for you to take as an inspiration.

I’m Happy And I Know It Pose

Source: ZEE5

With the tree as your prop again, take this image as the guide to ensure that you get another awesome pose that plus-size women can totally rock!

Which was your favourite pose out of the lot and why? Let us know your answers in the comments box below.

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