Brahmaraksas: Introducing The Main Characters And Families Of This Much-Awaited Horror Show

Brahmarakshas 2- Phir Jaag Utha Shaitaan is an upcoming Indian supernatural fiction drama on ZEE5.

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November 23, 2020


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Brahmarakshas 2- Phir Jaag Utha Shaitaan is an upcoming Indian supernatural fiction drama on ZEE5. The show will premiere on October 17, 2020, and will be aired on weekends from 9-10 p.m. The eerie factor of the show will leave everyone at the edge of their seats.

Watch the teaser of Poison 2 here:

Let’s take a look at the family history and the important characters of the show:

The Shrivastav Family

Raghav Shrivastav is the owner of a jewellery business. For generations, his ancestors have been responsible for the jewellery at the Kali Maa temple. Vishakha is the wife of the deceased Raghav. She reappears in Kalindi and Minty’s life after years and is possessed by the Brahmarakshas’ wife Gehna.

Kalindi is the protagonist of the story. Kalindi and her sister Minty stay at the Chaudhary household. Kalindi is an honest and caring girl, and she insists of giving them rent for the on room that the sisters occupy. After college, she teaches online tuitions to earn money.

Kalindi is like the girl-next-door, introvert and keeps to herself. She is completely unaware of her supernatural side, her nakshatras and her powers. Brahmarakshas wants to marry Kalindi after which he will become immortal. However, Kalindi falls in love with Angad. Vishakha’s possessed self prevents the marriage from happening.

Minty is a happy-go-lucky girl who wants to become a chef. She has an inferiority complex and always tries to fit in.

The Aggarwal Family

Shakti Aggarwal is Raghav’s partner in the jewellery business. They are settled in Vancouver, Canada. He is looking forward to his son Angad taking up the reigns of their business. He is a simple man who easily gets manipulated by his wife Damini. He sees that Angad, who is engaged to Paridhi Chaudhary, is not happy. But Damini does not let him sabotage this relation. Their alliance with the Aggarwals is more of a business proposal. Damini, who has seen a lot of poverty in her childhood, is adamant not to go back to that situation.

Angad is a charming and handsome man with a personality to impress. He gets a lot of attention from other girls. From a person who did not believe in long term relationships, he meets Kalindi, and falls in love with her. Robin is Angad’s younger brother. They both share a great bond. He eventually falls in love with the youngest daughter of the Chaudhary family, Ronak.

The Chaudhary Family

This is where the main villainy starts. Prithvi is Raghav’s associate and is very jealous of him. Since he is the main villain, he always has dangerous plans up his sleeve to the extent that he can kill for money. His wife Shalini’s only aim is to get their three daughters married in the most prosperous houses.

The eldest daughter is Paridhi who gets engaged to Angad. She is beautiful and confident and boys are always courting her. She was also the prom queen of her college. Sakshi is always competing with her elder sister. The youngest sister Ronak is a total tomboy and makes fun of her sister’s antiques.

The Roy Family

This is the second villainous family. Vikram initially worked for Raghav, but now his loyalties lie with Prithvi. He wants the least involvement in the plans but wants maximum money. Prithvi’s death scares him and with it, he fears that the ghosts of his past will resurface. He is married to the shrewd Mona.

They have a son Siddharth and a daughter Ria. Siddharth is a womaniser. He tried to defame Kalindi by saying that she was flirting with him. Ria is paranoid with ghost and horror stories. But when she does see the Brahmarakshas, no one believes her.

The Singh Family

Arjun is a character who highlights brawns over brains. He is the muscle power behind Prithvi’s wicked plans. He does not believe in the stories surrounding Brahmarakshas, until he sees him. He is married to Nisha, who is also greedy. She finds some Kaali’s jewels and ends up bringing the Brahmarakshas home. Their son is Anshul who is Siddharth’s close friend.

Shabana Sheikh

Shabana is a cop who investigates the murders taking place.

Tantric Badrinath and Brahmarakshas

He is the main villain of the story and a staunch devout of Maa Kaali. He takes pride in his tantric knowledge and dark magic. In one accident while performing a ritual, he turns into the Brahmarakshas. He is a dark black wolf-like creature with red eyes. He also has the power to possess anyone alive or dead.


She is the tantric’s wife and idolises him. She can go to any length to make her husband happy.

Pandit Shambunath

He is a positive force in the show and the only one who can capture Brahmarakshas, but gets killed in the process. His son grows up to be a practical scientist studying EM waves movements and who gets involved in the study of paranormal activities and supernatural happenings.

Watch this space for more updates on Brahmarakshas 2 that will premiere on October 17, only on ZEE5.

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