Boost Your Immunity With This Healthy Protein-Packed And Lip Smacking Soya Tikki Chaat

Quarantine is no reason to avoid delicious food! If you can buy it, you can surely cook it. Here’s a healthy and tasty Soya Tikki Chaat recipe.

Sneha Bale

April 9, 2020


4 min


Everyone is scrolling through pictures of delicious foods that we once took for granted. Because of the COVID-19 and quarantine, everyone is missing food that makes our mouth water. But hey, this is no time to slack or avoid good food. So, let’s get moving and prepare delectable evening snacks, which healthy and packed with proteins. Chef Rakhee’s Soya Tikki Chaat is the one that will satisfy your tummy and cure your street food cravings. Although lengthy, this recipe is worth your efforts.

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To make this chaat, you need to start by shredding soya chunking and then, soaking it in hot water for at least 30 mins. Be sure to strain out the excess water because moisture would not give you the desired result. Add almonds and cashew nuts soaked overnight to a food processor. Next, add a handful of fried onions to the food processor along with grated dry coconut. Start by blending it together and occasionally add a few spoons of water to form a thick paste.

Take a larger bowl and add the shredded soya to it. Now, add boiled and mashed potatoes to it along with the freshly made paste. Mix them together and add the spices – red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt to taste. You can also add fresh coriander to give it a good taste. Now comes the interesting and secret agent – butter, from the bakery that we would dip in our tea as an evening snack. Instead of taking bread crumbs, chef Rakhee has substituted it with crumbs of butter. Bind it well into the mixture

Soya Tikki Chaat
Soya Tikki Chaat

Take small amounts of the mixture onto your palms and make Tikki out of it. Now, grind some butter crumbs and coat the Tikki in it well. Shallow fry them.

To prepare the chutney for the chaat, start by making the classic green chutney by blending mint leaves, coriander, ginger-garlic, green chillies and onions to a think consistency. To make the sweet chutney, blend tamarind pulp and jaggery in equal amounts.

Take the two chutneys in a bowl and add a dash of roasted cumin powder, fennel powder, red chilly powder. Mix these ingredients along with water and dilute the paste to form a more liquidy chutney. Take a bowl and get ready for the final step. Mash the deep-fried soya Tikki and cover it with a layer of caramelized onion and a layer of sprouts. Add sweet yoghurt on top and then add some masaledar split Bengal grams, sev, chaat masala powder and the chutney mix in the desired quantity.

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