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Boney Kapoor Dances His Heart Out At A Wedding – Video Inside


November 23, 2021

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Boney Kapoor was recently snapped at his unfiltered self at a wedding. We can see him dancing his heart out and that’s got us our feet tapping too for the shaadi season

Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor are often seen at their best infront of the social media. While their looks and poses rule the internet, Boney Kapoor – the sister duo’s father hasn’t left any stone unturned.

Producer Boney Kapoor, who recently jetted off to Jaipur to attend a wedding of his close friend’s son, raised brows when he shook a leg on the dance floor. Looking dapper in a navy blue suit, Boney, who is all set to mark his acting debut in Luv Ranjan’s romantic comedy, proved he is born for the camera as the crowd cheered for him.

In the video, he is seen smiling ear to ear as his friend joins him towards the end. He previously revealed that it was his son Arjun Kapoor who had persuaded him to try out his acting chops. He told he said no to Luv Ranjan when he approached Boney. He then reached out to his son Arjun and he convinced Boney to do it, along with my three daughters (Anshula, Khushi and Janhvi). He told Boney that Ranjan had him as a reference point—that of a ‘Punjabi father’—when he wrote this part. So, he was ideal for it. Acting requires you to do what the director asks you to, so he wasn’t sure, but his son told him that he just need to be himself. In a recent web film, too, he played myself, and that convinced me. Arjun also told him that this will be a good change for him.

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While we don’t know if Boney is going to surprise his fans with a dance number in his upcoming film, all we can say is that he has surely picked up some smooth moves, becoming one of the coolest dads of B-Town. This also showed us an unseen side of Boney Kapoor which surely was a thorough treat for us.

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