Bomma Adirindi: When Pandu penned a hilarious poem for the gorgeous guest Laila

On Bomma Adirindi, Pandu might have a hard time finding love but he is extremely talented when it comes to expressing it. The poem that he penned is proof of the same!

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December 8, 2020


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Bomma Adirindi at its core is a comedy show with each skit that is as hilarious as the previous one. The contestants are extremely talented without any doubt, but the hosts and judges have a sense of humour of their own that is class apart. From Pandu’s quest for love to the chemistry that the judges share with Sreemukhi, the show is packed with rib-tickling moments.

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With a show that is this hilarious at every moment, it is given that the guest will be welcomed with an edge. This edge in the latest episode was a poem that Pandu penned. Believe it or not, it was this poem that brought the guest on the sets of Bomma Adirindi. When Sreemukhi called Pandu on the stage, Laila walked in with a letter in her hand and said that she came to the show because of the poem that read as follows:

“Nee Peru Laila
Nee inti chuttu tiriga kukka la
Meeru okay ante unta kanti ki reppa la, kaalla ki cheppu la, neeti lo kappa la
Final ga Laila leka pothe, ee majnu vila vila”

This translates to:

Your name is Laila
I roamed around your house like a dog
If you say okay, I’ll stay with you like eyelashes to your eyes, shoes to your feet and a frog in water
Finally, if there’s no Laila, This Majnu will be restless.

Although it was not as deep as one thinks of poems to be, it was funny enough to get the evergreen beauty, Laila, on the sets of Bomma Adirindi. It broke Pandu’s heart to know that Laila was already married but he cheered up when he found out that she has a sister who is single. We genuinely hope that he finds love at some point but until then we would love to be entertained by Pandu.

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