Bomma Adirindi: Times when Jani Master showered Sreemukhi with the most flattering compliments

From calling her an Illeana lookalike to calling her Taj Mahal, Jani Master has complimented Sreemukhi in sweetest ways possible, on Bomma Adirindi!

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December 6, 2020


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Guess what! From saying that she is as beautiful as the Taj Mahal to comparing her beauty with Samantha before an episode starts, Jani Master showers Sreemukhi with genuine and affectionate compliments on the sets of Bomma Adirindi.  Who wouldn’t like to hear such sweet words? We’re sure Sreemukhi feels flattered! Here’s a list of a few of those compliments that you’d wish were given to you.

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1) Comparing her to the moon

For the Dussehra special episode, as Jani Master finished dancing with Sreemukhi, he compared her to the moon. When Sreemukhi asked why Jani Master was so happy, he said it was because he felt like the moon had come down on earth and was standing right beside him. That sure melted all our hearts!

2) When he compared her to Taj Mahal

Soon after Jani Master and Sreemukhi finish dancing, we heard him telling her that he needed to take a selfie with her to prove to his friends that he was indeed in Delhi. When she asked him why he needed a picture with her, he said that it was because she looked as beautiful as the Taj Mahal. Although Taj Mahal is in Agra, we can instantly forgive this inaccuracy because of sweet it sounds!

3) When he compared her to Illeana and Samantha

Once again as soon as their dance was over, Jani Master was ready with a compliment for Sreemukhi. He said that she looked like Illeana from an angle and Samantha from the other angle, once she asked how she was looking. Episode after episode, Jani Master comes up with compliments to make the host smile and we think that it is incredibly cute

Bomma Adirindi is a Telugu comedy show that showcases contestants’ acting skills, as they team up to entertain the viewers with rib-tickling comic acts. Hosted by Sreemukhi, and judged by Naga Babu and Jani Master, the show is sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing.

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