Bomma Adirindi: Here’s a list of must-watch skits by Dhanraj and Venu

Here are some the most hilarious performances by one of the most hilarious duos, Dhanraj and Venu!

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December 13, 2020


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Before this season of Bomma Adirindi, the hilarious duo Dhanraj and Venu were in different teams. Fortunately for us and them, the directors decided to put them in the same team and there was no looking back for the comedians since then. They have repeatedly given us sketches that had us rolling on the floor and here is a list of some of those best skits.

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1)  The Dhinthanakadhin YouTube Channel

We’ve all see news channels that spread fake news or sensationalise bogus news. In their very first skit, Dhanraj and Venu take a satirical approach on this and put up a rib-tickling show. Where they accuse of Jani Master being a copycat and put up fake videos. This skit cannot be missed at all.

2) The Unbreakable Friendship

Some friendships are as fickle as petals of a flower and some friendships are as solid as cement. Dhanraj and Venu who both play friends with the same name Bhagyaraja have a very unique take on friends who are more like brothers. At every point, the sketch has something unpredictable which makes it even more enjoyable.

3) The One Where They Want Sreemukhi’s Seat

In this skit, Dhanraj and Venu’s wives both ask for the position of an anchor on the show as a gift for a special ocassion. The skit doesn’t give viewers any chance to breathe between all the waves of laughter that it will throw your way. Sreemukhi, herself makes a cameo in the skit, having us in splits instantly.

4) When People Wanted To Split Them Up

Dhanraj and Venu are almost invincible as a duo and are certainly better together. They seem to be well aware of this fact and manifest it into this skit where the premise is that their fellow contestants and team members are trying to break them up. It is unusual of any team to play around on a premise like this and still get laughter out of the audience.

5) Vengalappa And Jaju Rao

One of their most recent skits, the Vengalappa and Jaju Rao skit, had people in splits from the very beginning. From Jaju Rao gifting masks to his friend, to paying cards because the doctor advised him to play a sport, this act is full of whacky moments like this and just cannot be missed.

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