Bomma Adirindi: Has Pandu really changed and doesn’t want to marry anymore?

From wanting to fall in love desperately and get married to not wanting anyone, has Pandu on Bomma Adirindi really made this leap?

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January 2, 2021



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Every episode of the hilarious show Bomma Adirindi starts with a banter between anchor Sreemukhi and Pandu where he asks her to get him married as soon as possible. However, this wasn’t the case for the most recent episode of Bomma Adirindi. Pandu surprised everyone by saying that he had given up on the idea of marriage and love and obviously this had everyone including the viewers taken aback.

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The episode started with Pandu exchanging a few words with Sreemukhi where he said that he will not be looking for love anymore. Just then she calls upon a girl on stage who says that she is in love with Pandu. She offers him a rose and asks him to marry her. Pandu then says that he has changed and he won’t marry her, after which her elder sister who happens to be Vishnu Priya, walks on the stage and threatens him while asking Pandu to accept her sister’s love.

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To noone’s surprise, by the end of the episode, Pandu accepts her love and announces that he would marry her because Vishnu Priya begged him to. This angers Vishnu Priya, and she tells her sister to back off and not get married to Pandu. By the end of the episode, Pandu was back to not having love in his life and wanting to get married again. We’re thankful for this because Pandu’s search for love always makes the show a little more hilarious! We hope that he finds love soon but until then we have his endeavours to look forward to and we are not complaining at all.

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