Bollywood Throwback: When Sunny Deol And Akshay Kumar Fought Over A Heroine!

Watch the news video below to find out more details about Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar’s dispute over Raveena Tandon. 

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January 12, 2021

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Bollywood stars often share a very fluctuating relationship with each other and they go from being friends to foes or vice versa very swiftly. Similar to this is Akshay Kumar and Sunny Deol’s story who once reportedly got into a feud over actress Raveena Tandon.  Watch the news video below to find out more details about Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar’s fight over Raveena Tandon.

As per the reports, the spat between Akshay and Sunny dates back to 1997 when the film Ziddi was in the making. Raveena was cast opposite Sunny Deol for this film and would often be seen crying on the sets. Rumours claimed that she was crying over her break up with Akshay Kumar who had ended things with her after three years of dating. Some reports also claim that he left Raveena for actress Shilpa Shetty.

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When Sunny Deol asked Raveena her reason for crying on the sets, she reportedly broke down and told him everything about her breakup with Akshay. Media reports claim that Sunny could not ‘control his anger’ after listening to Raveena’s story and got into a spat with Akshay over the same.

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Years later, their cold war came to a ‘dramatic end’ after Akshay Kumar broke it off with Shilpa Shetty and started dating actress Twinkle Khanna. Her mother, actress Dimple Kapadia – who was very close with Sunny at the time- distributed Akshay and Twinkle’s wedding cards with Sunny and this marked an end to his feud with Akshay Kumar.

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Reports also claim that there were a lot of rumours about Raveena and Sunny ‘growing close’ during the shoot of their film Ziddi. They say that when actress Dimple Kapadia got to know about ‘Sunny’s affair with Raveena’, she reportedly lost her temper and even ‘tightly slapped’ her for being with Sunny.

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