Bollywood News: Tiger Shroff’s Latest Stunt Videos Will Blow Your Mind

Have you seen Tiger Shroff’s latest stunt practice videos yet?

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 17, 2021

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Popular Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff has been known for his immense flexibility and powerful moves. A highly athletic person, the actor has executed several tough stunts in films by himself and displayed great conviction in countless action sequences. The actor recently shared a few clips of his spell-binding stunts, where his fans saw him in action during practice-time.

Watch the video here:

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On February 11, 2021, Tiger Shroff took to his Instagram handle to share a couple of his stunt videos in a compilation. In the videos, the actor was seen repeatedly practising a few of the most difficult stunts with the help and assistance of his trainer. In the first video, fans first witnessed Tiger perform a very complex twisted backflip. Despite how tough it appeared to be, Tiger performed it with perfection and left everyone highly impressed. The actor was then seen doing consecutive backflips without any pauses at various locations. Practising the stunts in different places must have helped the actor ace them even better.

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The actor seemed calm, composed, focused and confident while executing each stunt while trainers assisted him with each one of them. He sometimes performed the stunts indoors on safe padding while sometimes he performed them outdoors, amidst nature. At the end of the compilation, we watched the actor execute a huge number of backflips without taking a break in two clips. One was on the beach wherein he had three men assisting him in the process, while the other was on a football ground with just one trainer. Tiger ended the compilation video with an impressive backflip in a gymnastics set up with two other men. His precision and practice were both clearly noticeable and extremely impressive. In the caption, Tiger reminisced about the good-old-days of his practice with his team of trainers and helpers. The actor also shared a few other videos of his stunt practices later.

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