Bollywood News: Actor Suniel Shetty All Set To Host A Radio Show!

After taking over the world of movies, Suniel Shetty will now host a radio show all about fitness. Stay tuned!

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December 31, 2020

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After taking over the world of acting, Suniel Shetty is back to entertain fans with his amusing voice. Suniel is all set to join the world of the radio as he will host a new show on Big FM. The actor is going to speak about things related to health and wellness. The actor is known for his versatility and commendable performances. Suniel has aced every role, whether it is a comedy character or any action-packed blockbuster. He created a huge fanbase for himself and now fans are thrilled to hear him on the radio. Read ahead for more details.

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According to the report, Suniel is set to host a radio show on Big FM that will feature things related to health and fitness. The recording of the show is set to start soon. However, this news already stirred a wave of excitement among fans. Suniel Shetty is a fitness freak and this is quite evident on his Instagram posts. And now this new show hosted by him will be another motivating factor that will encourage his ardent fans to take their fitness seriously.

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The actor garnered around 2.1 Million followers on Instagram. He keeps posting workout videos and motivational posts that inspire his fans. In one of his previous posts, the actor shared a close-up image of himself. He had a stern look on with his hair ruffled to the sides. Suniel wrote an inspirational caption that read, “THOUGHTS have energy… make sure your thoughts are powerful and positive.” Take a look at the post below.

As soon as the post was released, fans blasted it with several comments and reactions. They praised the actor for his good looks and positive thoughts. Some of them even joined him and sent positive thoughts to him. One of the fans wrote, “Sir you’re the source of energy and inspiration for young generation.” While another expressed, “Yes true.. powerful thoughts bring results.. its saying u wish strongly universe will give you”. Suniel Shetty has been winning hearts for his inspirational posts and captions and we know that he will ace his role of a host on the radio show too.

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