Bolivian Companies Go Green With Eco-Friendly Deliveries In South America’s Polluted Cities

Bolivian companies have developed a pollution-free delivery chain in South America’s most polluted cities.

Aditi Sharma

May 13, 2021

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Bolivian companies are now standing up against pollution by opting for eco-friendly deliveries. In the most polluted city of South America, Cochabamba, west-central Bolivian companies have teamed up to offer a completely green delivery service. They are delivering goods on electric bikes to avoid pollution.

Bolivian companies like Quantum motors, Target, Quora Planet, and Kangaroo go-app are working within a pollution free delivery chain to become the first 100% green delivery service in the Andean states. Carlos Soruco, co-founder of Quantum motors said that the bikes and vehicles that are used are not emitting carbon dioxide. It’s wonderful because carbon dioxide emission damages the environment and ozone layer.

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The partnership involves delivery drivers using electric vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while orders are packaged in combustible containers that decompose in 180 days.

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Alvaro Butron, Founder of the Kangaroo Go app said that the focus is not just on picking the order and taking it from one point to another. These packages also get decomposed in 90 to 180 days. They are self-assembled and manufactured with vegetable-based inks. The objective of this production is to replace single-use plastics. In Cochabamba, 378kms from Bolivia’s capital, the use of plastic containers had skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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