Bokul Kotha: 4 scenes from the popular Bangla TV serial starring Ushasi Ray that you will love re-watching

Check out these favourite moments from the Bengali TV show starring Ushasi Ray.


September 12, 2020


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The Zee Bangla TV serial Bokul Kotha revolves around Bokul (played by Ushasi Ray), a boisterous and tomboyish lead character, who has a heart of gold. Bokul may come across as rambunctious and almost rowdy at times, but underneath her rough exterior lies a brave, strong-minded person who never hesitates to stick up for her values and fight for those she loves. Here are some favourite scenes from Bokul Kotha that you will greatly enjoy.

1. Bokul solves a puzzle

Dabbu, Bokul’s nephew, brings a Rubik’s Cube back from his school, and shows it off to different members of the family at home. Roshni, his mother, challenges Bokul to solve it, and says that she will do anything she asks her to if she manages to crack it. Bokul takes the cube and examines it, and Roshni taunts her by saying that it looks as if it is the first time that Bokul has seen such a thing! She also tells her how hard it is, but Bokul surprises her brilliantly.

2. Durga puja special

The Roy family celebrates Durga puja with a grand ceremony at home, and it will make you long for this great festival to arrive quickly! In this scene, Rishi (played by Honey Bafna) and Bokul banter with each other and share a lighthearted moment. The rest of the family soon join in, and it’s quite merry.

3. Bokul and Rishi nab Monu

This is a suspenseful scene where Bokul and Rishi try to track down Monu, who has committed a grave theft. They manage to trace him after a few frenetic phone calls and asking people in the area for clues of his whereabouts. Watch how they manage to catch up to him in the end!

4. Bokul’s free thinking is appreciated 

This is another scene from Durga puja where sindoor khela is taking place. Roshni, Bokul’s sister-in-law, bullies another woman who has recently lost her son, and tells Bokul that she should not have put sindoor on her. Bokul is quick to stand up to her by saying that like Ma Durga, all mothers are always pure and must never be disrespected. This is appreciated by everyone around her, and they all applaud her.

Which of these scenes from Bokul Kotha did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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