Bogota’s Hummingbird Sanctuary Helping Residents in Alleviating Stress

Recently, a hummingbird sanctuary, located in the capital of Colombia, turned out to be stress-buster for the resident of Bogota as it homes various spices of hummingbirds and bird watchers can come and witness them.

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December 1, 2020

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After a hectic day at work, how would you feel sitting the middle of a park or garden while listening to the voices of birds chirping? Sounds, soothing right? Well, we have often advised by our elders to listen to more natural sound than artificial sound. And, when it comes to one of the best natural sounds to hear on loop, its hummingbird undoubtedly. Well, as many of us live in the city we may miss out on this, but it seems like the residents of Bogota has bagged luck in this case. Interestingly, a hummingbird sanctuary, situated in the outskirts of Colombia’s capital Bogota, is providing a picturesque respite from the noise and stresses of big city living.

Interestingly, trail supervisor Camilo Cantor says, “Sometimes it doesn’t seem real because we are close to a city of eight million inhabitants who generate noise every day. You can hear noise from the city, the generation of pollution, aggressiveness. This trail in Monserrate is like an oasis, where a person can come, let go of their stress and excess baggage”. On the other hand, it is reported that every day a handful of people visit the sanctuary along with cameras and binoculars to capture the glimpse of birds.

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On average, a visitor may witness around 25 to 30 different species of birds. Coming to the sanctuary, the Paramuno corridor, it was inaugurated in recent weeks on Monserrate hill in a forest reserve east of the city, letting bird watchers delight in watching the tiny creatures. Meanwhile, it is said that ten years ago, workers began the recovery of the deforested hill and currently, 115 species of birds have been spotted, including 18 types of hummingbirds and some migratory species. Talking about hummingbirds, they are a unique species on the American continent and found in great diversity in Colombia.

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A visitor says, “it is exciting because you tend to see just one hummingbird. But the variety we can see in the wings, in the colours, in the sound; what does that convey? For me, it is spectacular because it’s liberating”.

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