Boeing To End Production Of 747 Jumbo Jet After Finding It Difficult To Match The Standards Of Modern Passenger Jets

Boeing takes a bold decision to end its production of 747 jumbo jets due to its inability to match up with modern twin-engine passenger jets.

The world aviation industry, which has been severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, has now received another blow as Boeing Co. is pulling the plug on its 747 jumbo jets. The 747 democratised global air travel in the 1970s but fell behind times with the advent of the modern twin-engine passenger jets. The plane has been in service for the past 50 years. And finally, the last 747-8 will roll out in about two years. This bold step has been taken by the company after they found out that it is very difficult to match the standard of modern passenger jets.

The new 747-8 will have the capacity to carry 467 passengers and will have a 224.6-foot wingspan. Its length will be around 250 feet with a weight capacity of 987,000 pounds. The 747-8 can travel 11, 443 miles in the air. According to reports, it will be available at a price of approximately $351.4 million.

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