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Black Widows: We’re Tripping Over Mona Singh’s Priceless Reaction On ‘Killing’ Her Husband

Isha Khatu

December 30, 2020

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Black Widows star Mona Singh said that she is excited to kill her husband; Read further to know why she said that.

Black Widows is all set to release on December 18. The Black Widows cast features Mona Singh, Shamita Shetty, Sharad Kelkar and Swastika Mukherjee in the lead role. Recently, in the virtual December launch party, Mona Singh made a statement about her husband. Read further to know what she said and why we’ve been tripping over her reaction.

Mona Singh’s priceless reaction on ‘killing her husband’ 

On November 27, ZEE5 arranged a virtual launch party which had various cast from the shows streaming this month. From Black Widows to Paurashpur, various celebrities discussed their originals with the host. From Black Widows, Mona Singh, Shamita Shetty, Swastika Mukherjee and Sharad Kelkar made an appearance on the virtual video chat. They discussed the plot of the series and spoke about their experience working with each other.

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When asked is she had fun while shooting, Mona Singh mentioned that was very excited about killing her husband in the show. When asked if she has had an experience like this before, Mona Singh mentioned that she would love to kill her husband in real life and laughed. Her hilarious reaction shocked everyone on board during the virtual chat. Mona recently got married to Shyam Gopalan in December 2019. The host kept asking her why would she want to kill her husband to which she said that every wife wants to, nobody says it.

Source: ZEE5

The cast of Black Widows also mentioned that they had a great time shooting the series. It was like spending time with their friends. Shamita Shetty mentioned that it was very tough shooting. She also revealed Mona Singh kept laughing during shots. Swastika shared that she had killed a husband before in a film and this wasn’t new for her.

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More about Black Widows 

Black widows is the Indian remake of the Finnish series of the same name. The plot focuses on three women who are fed up of their abusive husbands who are colleagues. These women plan a murder of these husbands and kill them in a boat ride. They start enjoying their lives after which the investigation of their husbands’ death begins. They have to lie to save themselves from getting caught. The trailer looks exciting and we can’t wait for it to release.

Watch the trailer of Balck Widows, streaming now, only on ZEE5 Originals!

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