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Black Widows Takes Forward What Churails Started ‘The #WomenOnTop Trend’

Isha Khatu

December 10, 2020

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If you loved Churails, there’s no reason why you should miss watching Black Widows. In fact, we elaborate on how there’s a common thread that binds these two shows together.

The release of the ZEE5 original Black Widows is right around the corner. The show is essentially a crime thriller that revolves around three abusive husbands. A similar scenario was also seen in ZEE5’s Churails. Take a look at how Black Widows takes things forward that Churails had started.

Parallels between Black Widows and Churails 

Murder mystery

In Churails featuring Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, Nimra Bucha and Yasra Rizvi, the four women are detectives who are looking to expose the city’s unfaithful and abusive husbands. On the other hand,  Black Widows featuring Mona Singh, Shamita Shetty and Swastika Mukherjee is about them ending their abusive marriages. In Churails, while they investigate abusive husbands, they get caught up in a murder case wherein a woman kills her husband for cheating on her. Similarly, in Black Widows, the wives come up with a devious plan to kill their husbands.

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Women-centric series

Churails mainly focuses on the lives of the four women Sara, Zubaida, Jugnu and Batool. Their lives get tangled after they decide to set up an investigative agency to catch unfaithful husbands. The show has elaborates on how these women feel in certain situations. Similarly, Black Widows initially focuses on their bad married lives and later revolves around the conspiracy that they hatched.

Why you should watch Churails on ZEE5
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Bond between women 

Apart from focusing on the murder cases, these shows also pay major attention to the bond between these women. In Churails, Zubaida, Jugnu and Batool support Sara when her husband cheats on her and decide to open an investigative agency to serve justice. They help her through her bad phase and similarly help other women whose husbands have been cheating on them. In Black Widows, the three women are wives of three colleagues who work together. They support each other by solving each other’s problems. After murdering their husbands, Kavita, Veera and Jayati continue to fight the case and stay strong together.

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Shattering the stereotypes of society 

Both shows are extremely progressive when it comes to women’s rights. Churails is the first show in Pakistan which was so progressive and focused on some of the major social issues. In Black widows, the wives are initially shown as victims. However, they later break the shackles of society to prove that women should get what they want. The show majorly focuses on how women should not be a part of domestic violence and should raise their voice against it.

Meher Bano as Zubeida in Churails
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