Biskoth: This Rib-Tickling Santhanam Starrer Makes For A Perfect Family Entertainer

Biskoth is the perfect segue to the new year. Read the review to find out more!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 11, 2021



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On January 10, 2021, we saw the release of the much anticipated romantic-comedy Biskoth, on ZEE5.  When translated to English, it means ‘Biscuit’ and the story follows Raja Simha, the son of a biscuit company owner. Raja Simha’s father has a dream of establishing a biscuit brand and make his son the head of that company.

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While he works hard towards this, he expires before he can hand over his company to his son because of which the ownership is transferred to his friend. Raja is now determined to get what is his and joins the company as a worker. Later he meets an old lady in a nursing home who indulges him in interesting tales, every now and then.

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To everyone’s surprise, every story that she tells Raja manifests itself into his life and becomes true. This is when he realises what is has gotten himself into and decides to use the stories and information for his aid. The story is packed with hilarious moments and will have you fall off the chair almost minutes into the movie’s beginning.

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The performances in this movie have a huge contribution in making the movie what it is. Be it Sowcar Janaki as Janaki Pati or Santhanam as Raja Simha, the movie boasts of an extremely credible ensemble cast. Watch out for the Bahubali parody in the movie that will leave you catching for your breath.

Tara Alisha as the girl-next-door  Dr Anitha is sure to steal all your hearts. Like any other good movie, the real asset of this movie is its the story, that has been written by director R.Kanan. He fleshes out each character beautifully, making sure that the viewers are thoroughly entertained.

While you are laughing your way through the movie, you simply can’t stop tapping to Radhan’s catchy tracks. All in all, the movie is a perfect note to start 2021 with. Grab a couch and enjoy this film with your whole family as soon as you can! The movie is certainly an absolute blast and you will genuinely enjoy watching it.

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