Birthday Spl: 6 Hilarious Movies Of The Comic Icon Chikkanna That You Can Stream On ZEE5

Parinika Uchil

July 22, 2019


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1. Bul Bul

Source: ZEE5

Born on 22 July 1984, Chikkanna is a prominent comedian of Sandalwood, who dwelled into writing lyrics and singing for a few films as well. Being a major movie buff in his childhood, Chikkanna has given us some great scenes onscreen along with some praise-worthy songs and lyrics. He recently appeared on Weekend With Ramesh Season 4, and fans got to know a whole new side of him. The birthday boy has worked in approximately 61 films, and has bagged the SIIMA Award for Best Comedian, three times!

Today, on his birthday, we give you a chance to ache with laughter through six of his films, now available on the ZEE5 platform.

Starting with the Darshan, Rachita Ram and Rebel Star Ambareesh starrer Bul Bul. Although a small role, Chikkanna’s scenes in the film bring down the seriousness a notch and takes us to a more light-hearted situation. Watch the movie above and give yourself some good entertainment from the birthday boy.

2. Vajrakaya

Source: ZEE5

With Namma Century Star as the lead in the film, Vajrakaya is an action-drama film about an orphaned boy, who grows up just to go on a quest to find his real family. Chikkanna’s supporting role fits well into the film and each scene was just brilliant. For power-packed entertainment from the comedian, click here to watch the film now.

3. Hebbuli

Source: ZEE5

The life of a para-commando officer, Captain Raam aka Kiccha Sudeep is covered in the blockbuster film Hebbuli. Chikkanna’s role in the film was to annoy Amal’s Paul, his fellow-batchmate in their medical camp. By annoy, I mean shower her with all unnecessary love. Without any more spoilers, if you still haven’t watched this movie, you can watch it here now.

4. Mufti

Source: ZEE5

Starring the Roaring Star Sriimurali and the Century Star Shivarajkumar, Mufti is a neo-noir film with a hint of comedy. Obviously, when we say comedy in Sandalwood, very few names come to mind like Chikkanna. He plays the role of a casting director and ends up getting beaten up by Shanvi Srivastava, with whom he acts hilariously funny. Watch this film, on your ZEE5, by clicking here.

5. Raambo 2

Source: ZEE5

Apart from playing a crucial role Devanahalli Jagga (DJ) in this comedy-thriller film, Chikkanna has also composed the song Belbelege Dhoompana, which more like a rap song in the Sharan and Ashika Rangnath starrer Raambo 2. For almost all of the film, Chikkanna’s job was to interrupt Sharan and Ashika’s date and did he do a fab job at it or what! Watch the film here, to see Chikkanna’s performance.

6. Natasaarvabhowma

Source: ZEE5

Starring the Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar, Natasaarvabhowma is what they call a horror-Comedy film that will keep you at the edge of the seat. Even in this film, Chikkanna got the important role of playing the hero’s childhood friend. His screen space too was completely worth the watch. To see Chikkanna, click here to watch the film.

Say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Chikkanna, in the space given below if you are a true fan.

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