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Birthday Special: You can copy these unique patterns from Kalki star Samyukta Menon to look gorgeous!

Tom Francis

September 11, 2020

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Birthday girl Samyuktha Menon shows you how to be a star with these unique outfits.

By giving brilliant performances in movies like Theevandi and Kalki Samyuktha Menon has elevated her status from being a newcomer to one of the most familiar faces in the industry. Her iconic role in Kalki even gave a separate fanbase and made her an A-lister in the industry right. Samyuktha is also a model who always amuse us with her snaps on social media. The actress is celebrating her 25th Birthday today (September 11, 2020) and here are some unique yet stylish outfits from her that is surely going to make you look like a star!

Missed out on the Malayalam movie Kalki featuring Samyuktha Menon and Tovino Thomas? Watch it here:

1. Try out the traditional Kasavu

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Some ocassions merit special attention. Away from your ownself. ⁣ ⁣ I was invited to grace the World Cancer Day programme at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi and it was a reality check. To be amongst scores of women who embody exemplary human spirit and courage to live, and fight the adversities. Of those who challenged and won, and continue to inspire and believe. ⁣ ⁣ I wore a cotton handwoven sari, one of the first pieces that was woven on revived looms after the 2018 floods in Chendamangalam through an initiative aided by @savetheloom_org. The simplicity and elegance of this sari that embraced me warmly was also woven by a survivor. Of cancer. Of a natural calamity. By an extraordinary woman who chose to defy the odds in her life and saw hope. ⁣ ⁣ The beauty of this handweave infused immense confidence and embodied so many stories. ⁣ ⁣ #iamandiwill #worldcancerday #chendamangalam #handloom #handwoven #storiesofwomen #survivors #signsforchange #wecanican #hope #life⁣ #chendamangalam #savetheloom

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You’re clearly mistaken if you thought the Kasavu was an Onam specific style. Look at Samyuktha Menon casually rocking this blue-bordered handwoven Kasavu saree bringing out the Malayali beauty in her! You can also try this pattern like the actress and make sure to experiment with different colours!

#2 Khadi beauty

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This past week I was in Delhi to cheer for a movement I am passionate about since they began their work in Kerala last year after the floods – Save The Loom. They have been doing some exemplary work – not just about the revival process post floods or ensuring better livelihood for the artisans but in bringing holistic paradigm shift in the manner the entire industry has been functioning. Congratulations @savetheloom_org . Your work has been deeply meaningful so far and I hope you shall continue this journey to bring back pride to the craft and its artisans. I on my part shall be the self appointed torchbearer for your work and shall support in every way I can. Life changing experiences are always born out of inner beliefs and deep reason to stay true to yourself. This is one such journey that has impacted me and you shall hear from me more on this. Attending this event in Delhi swell my heart with pride to see the recognition coming to an organisation that worked in the grassroots in Kerala being acknowledged at the highest platform for celebrating craft and our artisans. Bravo @savetheloom_org @menonpr @alpiboylla @dinumad Outfit : @akaaro by @gauravjaigupta #recognition #reward #kerala #indiacraftweek #indianfashion #handloom #khadi #consciousconsumption #worldstage

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Samyuktha is someone who appreciates ethnic designs and fusion clothing. This modern style made in Khadi, a minimal approach with a longline jacket, basic top and pants make the perfect outfit to try out at formal events.

3. An ethnic fusion dress to try!

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His entire life has been his message. The words he spoke, the actions he preached, the movements he started and symbolized are all relevant today more than ever as we celebrate his 150th birth anniversary. What he said a hundred years ago echoes in many spheres and aspects of life. Every time I read his words, I find resonance to my state of mind and deeper meanings to life and my work. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. ~ Mahatma Gandhi. Last year's flood in Kerala devastated many khadi institutions and its weavers, and spinners. Over 1000 people directly connected to the Gandhian way of life and practice lost their livelihoods. SaveTheLoom.org @savetheloom_org led its revival and ensured every charkha and loom is up and running in less than four months. A curated project Colors of Resilience was a tribute by 25 leading fashion designers using khadi from Kerala interpreting their individual imprint with the handspun, handwoven humble kora fabric. Much talked about and celebrated, I take great pride in wearing these outfits that reflects the essence of Gandhi's Khadi and the human spirit that fought the adversity. #ColorsOfResilience #savetheloom #khadi #GandhisKhadi #Kerala #artisans #weavers #handspun #handwoven #handmade #bethechange #kora @savetheloom_org @onezeroeight.stl @menonpr ~~~ Outfit : Padmaja Krishnan for SaveTheLoom @padmaja.online Styling : Alpi Boylla @alpiboylla Earrings /Footwear : Stylist's own Photo: @girisankarphotography Editing : @akhil_s_narayan

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Not just the informal styles, Samyuktha tries out her love for fashion in casual looks too. Check out this casual dress pattern from the actress, where she has used minimal approach to jewellery for an elegant look!

4. The casual day-out look!

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Samyuktha is someone who has a distinct love for unique approaches to styling. Look at this casual look from the Kalki actress where she pairs a long-line boho jacket with chinos.

5. Elegance in white

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Copy this laced white top and jeans look from Samyuktha to get all the attention in the room. If you are someone who goes on constant outings with friends, then this style is surely going to be a lifesaver!

Which style did you like the most from the birthday beauty Samyuktha Menon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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