Birthday Special: Why Amala Akkineni Is The Perfect Role Model For All Of Us

On Amala Akkineni’s 51st birthday, we are thankful to her for showing us a path to a better tomorrow

Sneha Bale

September 12, 2019


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Many actors come and go. Some become a faded memory while the others become icons. In an era where everyone is running behind success and wants the best of everything, Amala Akkineni comes as a breath of fresh air. Having acted in several films and taken a two-decade-long sabbatical, the actress never escaped our memory. Because she has an aura that will not allow you to forget her being so easily. Calm and composed seem to be her middle name, while elegance is her first nature. On Amala Akkineni’s 51st birthday, 12 September 2019, we thank her for being so hopeful and positive for a better tomorrow. Her optimism instills us with new energy.

Watch Amala Akkineni in her digital debut, ZEE5 Original High Priestess:

From reading books to helping people find a better alternative in life, Mrs Akkineni is full of wisdom and encouragement. Here are few of the many causes supported by the actress-activist that make us hopeful.

Electricity, burning natural material to pulling out wires, is essential for our being. But there are alternatives that are effective and help in reducing our carbon footprints. Amala is a proud owner of a house and a business empire that does not harm the environment, with the help of solar panels.

The recent events that unfolded in the Southern states, over the past few months, have opened our eyes to a new reality. While most people are busy discussing, Amala Akkineni has taken a step further to save water and educate everyone about water harvesting.

A Tumblr quote read, “empowered women empower woman“. And the post above proves that Amala is one of the ladies that we are proud to look up to.

Listening to people crib about the state of government has been an age-old practice. The younger generation seems more disinterested than ever in stepping out to cast a vote on the election day. But Amala’s bright smile tells that there is something good to look forward to, always.

Amala’s initiative with her husband, Nagarjuna, is called the Blue Cross Foundation. Apart from indulging in many other activities, the NGO also takes care of street animals and hosts a pet adoption drive. Adopt, don’t shop!

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Today is the full moon we wait for, the entire year. Get involved in some spiritual practice. Meditate. Release. Become one with your self. And let go of all that is coming to the surface. With energies so high all the deep rooted issues, perhaps even the ancestral issues are likely to show up. The shadows will surface, only for us to work through them and clear our energy and space. It is a time of great shift and transformation. The energy can feel super intense now because of the full moon. And the most powerful full moon of the year at that. Light candles, ground, listen to meditative music, sing, dance, chant, draw, paint or choose any form of creative expression which allows you to release all the stored emotions and make way for the new. During the night time, go out under the moon. Raise your hands in the air and channel the energy from mother moon. Let the energy of the moon wash over you. Clean you from inside out and send all the unwanted into mother earth through your feet. Feel the energy of the moon fill you up and raise your frequency. Lighten you as well as enlighten you. Have a super blessed Buddha Poornima / Wesak Festival. Lots of love and light. Aho!! 💖💖💖 Happy Buddha Poornima Blessed Be

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Amala’s demeanour always has us wondering, “how!”. How can someone be so wise, witty and caring, all at once? The post above is where our answers lie. Amala is extremely spiritual and encourages her fans and followers to find their spirituality too. In a generation that’s drowning in troubles, we could surely use Amala’s wise words for our wellbeing.

Hoping to see the better tomorrow, together, we wish Amala Akkineni the happiest birthday!

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