Birthday Special: What Makes Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde’s Gurpreet Ghuggi The Best Host


June 19, 2020


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1. The Wit Of Gurpreet

It the birthday of our Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde‘s soul Gurpreet Ghuggi. The talented actor-host-politician is just a year behind completing his half-century. The multi-talented artist knows how to be a scene-stealer in a multi-starers like Band Vaaje, and he also knows to carry a chat show on his strong shoulders. Let’s us find the reasons why Gurpreet is the best host of the show.

Watch Nachhatar Gill and R. Nait with Gurpreet on the show here:

The magic of an artist is when he can express deep thoughts in the most comical manner. As soon the show starts, Gurpreet makes his entry and gives the perfect head-start to the show. After giving a warm welcome, Gurpreet talks about the current scenario and the evolution in relationships and lifestyle in a tongue-in-cheek tone. Gurpreet shares his words of wisdom in such a manner that you laugh while thinking about it. That’s the magic he posses.

2. Gurpreet's Non-Stop Express

Now, this is another special quality or the golden touch of Gurpreet. Yeah! We know it sounds strange but whenever you see an episode, there is a moment when Gurpreet gets into an argument with his co-host Khushboo Grewal and they are so busy in their fights that the guest tries to cuts in. Then Gurpreet starts to shouts on the guest and tells us the whole story of the guest in one breath. Just look at the way Gurpreet rants about his guest and it gives you major laughs.

3. Host Nahi Dost

We think that this is the best quality about Gurpreet, he is more of dost than a host. We get to know the real story behind Shakti Kapoor bagging Qurbani, how Meet Bros have not taken any formal training in music. The struggle of comedy king Sudesh Lehri and much more. The first and foremost reasons behind such revelation is the way Gurpreet handles his guest. He makes them comfortable to share the deepest and darkest phases of their lives, without even hurting anyone.

4. Gurpreet Banter's With Khusboo Grewal

This is another reason why Gurpreet hails as the best host, he knows how to make a joke on himself. He and his on-screen wife Khusboo Grewal’s interesting nok-jhok makes you laugh. They both lookout for the reasons to fight and quarrel and they end up adding more value to the show. Gurpreet mocks Khusboo’s singing and Khusboo insults Gurpreet from his humour.

So these are the reasons why we think that the birthday man Gurpreet Ghuggi deserves to be the best host. Let us know your views about him in the comment section below.

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