Birthday Special: Ramya Krishnan Lends Power And Pride To Grey Characters

Way ahead of the times and her contemporaries, this talented actress has impressed critics and audiences alike with her heartfelt performances

Sneha Bale

September 15, 2019


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On 15 September 2019, veteran actor Ramya Krishnan turned 49. As she inches close to a half-century, we take a look at her 36-year-long career. She entered the world of cinema at the tender age of 13 and soon became a renowned name. Cultures and languages haven’t been a barrier for her. From Telugu and Tamil to Bollywood, Ramya Krishnan has spread her wings and made her mark. The world has finally witnessed and addressed the powerful phenomenon that she is. And we ought to take a bow to this lady for playing a wide range of characters with finesse.

The powerhouse performer has constantly surprised cine-goers with her bold roles and choices. Acting as a lover to man two decades older than her or being a mother to a man just a decade younger than her… Ramya Krishnan has defied stereotypes and how!

Ramya Krishna in Mathangi
Ramya Krishna in Mathangi (Source: ZEE5)

She says, “Once you are into the character, your son is your son, however old he is. Once I’m in the character, he is my hero even if he’s as old as my father. So, that’s how it goes.” The world took notice of Ramya Krishnan with her portrayal of matriarch queen Sivagami of the fictional land of Mahishmati (in Baahubali). This was definitely her career-best performance. Albeit, we cannot dismiss the glorious and unforgettable women she has brought on screen. We happen to share our personal favourite with the actor herself.

Ramya Krishna as Nilambari in Narasimha
Ramya Krishna as Nilambari in Narasimha (Source: Pinterest)

That character is none other than Nilambari from Rajinikanth’s Narasimha (Padayappa, in Tamil). In an interview, she mentioned, “I wasn’t very happy about Nilambari initially because I was very scared. There is no way you could watch the film and like Neelambari. That’s the impact she leaves on the audience.” However, her performance was well received. As the years passed by, the hesitant audiences and film industries began to take notice of her and appreciated her craft.

Ramya Krishna In Sailaja Reddy Alludu
Ramya Krishnan in Sailaja Reddy Alludu (Source: ZEE5)

Talking about how she chooses her roles, she says, “A woman can put her foot down and say I don’t want to do this to her father or her husband or whoever it may be. That is the strength, I feel.” Two hundred films later, this feisty actress continues to break barriers as well as entertain and enthrall us with her heartfelt performances.

Wishing you more power, pride and colourful life ahead. Happy Birthday, Queen!

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