Birthday Special: Jagapathi Babu, The Mainstream Hero Who Tasted Success 30 Years Later

Sneha Bale

February 12, 2020


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Redefining himself


Today, on February 12, 2020, seasoned actor Jagapathi Babu turns 58. Born Veeramachaneni Jagapathirao Chowdary, this man is the only actor of his times who has redefined many things to create a whole new niche. Let’s take a look. 

The mainstream Tollywood ‘Hero’


Born to film producer VB Rajendra Prasad, Jagapathi Babu shortened his name when he chose to be an actor. With mere support from his father, the man climbed the ladder up, step by step. Today, he has been a part of the industry as an actor for over three decades. In this time, he has featured in over 120 films. Not only Telugu, but the actor has amassed a generous fan following in Tamil and Malayalam movies. 

The Highs


The period between the late ‘80s to mid-’90s was the highlight of JB’s career. He appeared in the best of films and garnered many awards and accolades. He bagged seven state honour Nandi Awards for several roles and many Filmfare awards. Later, he was also conferred with the Kala Bhushan Award for his contribution to cinema by TSR Lalitha Kala Parishat. In 2011, JB won five Nandi Awards for his role in the historic drama Jai Bolo Telangana.

The dynamic actor


In the late 2010s, we saw Jagapathi Babu as a villain against Rajinikanth. He shattered all glass ceilings when he played a father to lead actors who qualify as his contemporaries. While  doing such varied roles, the actor gracefully came out and expressed his openness to attempting everything that was interesting, instead of whatever the norm was. 

The shift


After delivering a successful film in 2011, Jaggu Babu, as he is called by fans, decided to take a leap. He allowed his salt and pepper mane to take over his ‘hero’ personality and emerged as a new person. That’s when he started appearing in better and more powerful supporting roles.

Jagapathi Babu 2.0


It always takes a man with passion and grit to defy the stereotypes and rise above the rules. Finally, Jagapathi Babu has earned his share of stardom, respect and fame. From amazing his looks to his spectacular acting prowess, Jagapathi Babu has taught us that true success isn’t what we believe it to be. True success is in stepping beyond the basics. 

On that note, we wish to see the star soaring higher, on his 58th birthday. You can check out his films on ZEE5 here. 

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