Birthday Special: 7 Moments Of Aishwarya Aka Maya From Yaare Nee Mohini You Must See!


April 10, 2020

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Maya Gets Ready For Muttu

Source: ZEE5

It’s Aishwarya Baspure’s birthday today and we just can’t contain our excitement. We all know her as Maya who plays the antagonist in the show Yaare Nee Mohini and we must say that she grabs all the attention when on-screen! Maya, popularly known as the ‘go-getter’ in the show, is deadly and daring. Here are seven moments from the show in which she has delivered an outstanding performance.

Take a look.

Maya is seen dressing up for Muttu with whom she is in love with. Doesn’t she look beautiful in this one?

Maya Collapses

Source: ZEE5

Chitra, as Mohini, makes Maya spin around continuously until she is dizzy and falls. We must say, Maya’s exceptional acting skills left us in awe!

Maya Threatens Belli

Source: ZEE5

Maya tells Belli to stay away from Muttu and her as the two are in love. Maya’s insecurities with regard to Belli are portrayed exceptionally well in this scene.

Muttu And Maya’s Engagement

Source: ZEE5

You simply can’t miss this beautiful still of Muttu and Maya’s engagement in front of the heartbroken Belli.

Maya Makes A Rangoli

Source: ZEE5

Muttu looks at Maya making a beautiful Rangoli. Maya, however, pretends to have become a good person in order to impress Muttu.

Maya Tries To Kill Belli

Maya fails with her plans to kill Belli

Maya is determined to end Belli’s life as she wants to get married to Muttu. However, she is furious when her plans fail. We also can’t help but notice how gorgeous she looks in this black saree!

Makeover Time For Maya

Maya complimented for her looks

Maya ditches her saree for a salwar suit. Muttu too compliments her for the way she looks! This one’s a cuteness overload.

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