Bihar Floods: Children Jump Into Overflowing Mahananda River

As several districts in Bihar face the threat of floodwaters, children are performing dangerous stunts by jumping directly into rivers from above 60-70 feet.

Jessica David

July 20, 2020

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Youth and children of Dandkhora in Bihar’s Katihar district are risking their lives in the name of enjoyment by jumping into the overflowing Mahananda river from a bridge. “We keep an eye on them but they are excellent swimmers, so there is nothing to worry about. They do this whenever they want to,” a villager said. The villager accepted that the river is currently overflowing with at least 40-50 feet deep water. It is to be noted that most rivers are flowing above the danger mark and around eight districts in the state have been flooded.

Floods grim north Bihar and several districts face the threat of floodwaters. Amid flood situation, children are doing dangerous stunts into the Mahananda river. Children jump from above 60-70 feet directly into the river without any precautionary measures.

Meanwhile, the Central Water Commission (CWC) issued a list of several rivers across the state whose water level is rising. Koshi river and Gandak river at Dumaria Ghat in Gopalganj district continue to overflow in the severe situation, along with Bagmati river at Runnisaidpur in Sitamarhi district.

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