Bihar Elections 2020: Anant Singh’s Wife Neelam Devi Likely To Contest

Anant Singh plays a vicious politics by standing as a contender in the coming elections.

Neel Raju Nalawade

October 12, 2020

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Ahead of any elections, the illegal acts, violent behaviour of the goons, looting the vote banks and killings are common to take place in Bihar. The Bahubalis of Bihar do not hesitate even a bit to kill or loot someone for their own benefits and to get into power. Not only them but also their wives take part in such violent acts. They carry out such activities and create fear in the minds of the voters and then their wives contest elections of their behalf. According to latest news reports, Neelam Devi wife of Anant Singh is likely to contest in upcoming assembly elections.

Sources claim that such an incident has happened earlier where along with Neelam Devi, Anant Singh was also one of the contenders in the elections. He played vicious politics to get a dual opportunity to get in power.

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