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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar Upcoming PROMO: Salman Khan And Govinda Make Tejasswi Prakash Do A Fun Task Wherein Tejasswi Says A Hilarious Sentence Making THIS Contestant Stumped


December 19, 2021

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In the latest upcoming episode promo of fans favorite reality show Bigg Boss 15, we all will be seeing how Salman Khan and Govinda are going to give an exciting task to Tejasswi Prakash which makes all laugh

Where Bigg Boss 15 this season is being seen as a show where audiences and fans assess and see for themselves the real personas of their favorite celeb contestants who are also seen playing their game by putting in all their energies and intelligence into performing the house duties and tasks given by Bigg Boss to them and also take stands for themselves and also for others when they feel that something is really wrong or amiss and they stay really firm on it as well. We also know that ultimately audiences, netizens, critics and fans only are the real game changers since it is only their votes, opinions on social media tweets and minute observations which decide that who out of them all has been real and true to themselves and were never fake or pretentious.

It showcases their struggle, journey of coming out as a strong player that is playing their own solo game and not being a part of rat race who are tough and thick skinned enough to survive in the house and still not lose their individuality too.

In the upcoming new promo for the much loved controversial and popular reality show Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar which has been released on the channel after the recent high voltage drama filled episode that featured Salman Khan severely grilling Abhijit and Ritesh for their rampant behavior with women, we see the entry of the legendary iconic bollywood star Govinda who has graced his presence on the reality show and after watching Salman and Govinda’s dance on Soni De Nakhre, Salman and Govinda are seen giving a fun task to Tejasswi Prakash.

In the task, Salman Khan asks Tejasswi to act as if she has a problem of a bad gas ache in her stomach and she acts that way. Then Govinda tells her to show loads of anger as well in her current gas ache condition according to the scene and on this she adds in that this is not funny to Karan and then Salman adds in that Tejasswi has to act as if she is pregnant and on this when she acts in this way and ends up saying this dialogue which is, ‘This Is Not Funny. I Think Am Pregnant’, then both Umar and Karan are also stumped and shocked.

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