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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Makes Ritesh Do Push Ups And His Way Of Doing It Makes Housemates Laugh


December 5, 2021

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In the recent episode of fans favorite reality show Bigg Boss 15, we see how Salman Khan has made Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh do push ups and the entire laughter reaction that follows is priceless

Where Bigg Boss 15 this season has always been identified as a show where audiences and fans assess and see minutely how the contestants play their game strongly by channeling their energy and intelligence with appropriate use of their mind, we also see how emphasis is paid to the fact that when the contestants take stands for themselves whenever needed, audiences and masses are smart enough to chip in their opinions and observations of the same since honestly, Bigg Boss is the only show where audiences and fans see the celebrities for who they really are which is just raw and unfiltered version of them that makes it easier for fans and audiences to decide who deserves to win and who does not win the game in the end.

Bigg Boss never fails in showing their massive and over growing fanbase each year the small and unknown tit bits related to their favorite celeb contestants in the game up close and personally along with showcasing the unknown and hidden side to their favorite celebrity contestant’s star persona that they don’t usually show to the fans and audiences in general and after seeing their real and genuine side apart from their starry persona and status, they decide who is a winner with their votes in the end and so on.

In the episode, we see how Salman Khan asks the wildcard VIP members Rakhi Sawant along with her husband Ritesh to come and start demonstrating how the push ups are done but the twist here was that Rakhi would be seen sitting on his back while Ritesh does it and then all saw Ritesh laid down and Rakhi sat on his back and they both started doing push ups and even when they both did it, they could not do it nicely and properly which made all the other contestants and even Salman himself burst out into peels of laughter.

Salman Khan makes fun of Ritesh and Rakhi’s push ups and laughs loudly saying that this is not the way to do push ups and calls Umar to do it who does it perfectly and then everyone likes it but Salman says that this is the actual way that pushups are done.

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