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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Announces A Panja Ladana Match Between Pratik Sehajpal And Umar Riaz


January 2, 2022

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In the recent episode of audiences and fans controversial reality show Bigg Boss 15’s Weekend Ka Vaar special, upping the fun meter for audiences and veteran star Dharmendra, Salman Khan tests the strongness of these two contestants in a quirky way

We all know that every week the Weekend Ka Vaar is both a scary, result and a fun time in the court of host Salman Khan for all the contestants wherein the Dabanng global superstar who is always known to be frank and spontaneous and is loved for his honesty since he never sugarcoats or minces his words for anyone, is seen intensely grilling all the celeb contestants for the moments in the entire week wherein they all went wrong and also reprimands them for their bad usage of abusive language and constantly trying to pull the other person down too.

This time too, we all saw that Salman Khan didn’t waste a single second and started off by losing his temper and exploded in anger on all the housemates in the house who have been actively cancelling all the crucial ticket to finale tasks and also claimed that now all of them have gotten a PhD degree in solely getting each task cancelled and also asked them all why are they all not getting interested or being serious enough to play these tasks.

Salman also told them despite warning them in each Weekend of playing the game for what it is seriously and not collectively getting the tasks radh or cancel;ed by the Bigg Boss, they have been repeating the same mistake again each time and also asked Karan, Umar, and others their valid reasons of getting it cancelled and their reasoning for same didn’t impress Salman even a bit.

We also did see that Bharti Singh who had also come on stage and was seen having fun with Salman and Dharmendra, later on, told the contestants that since the original He-Man Dharmendra is here, then they should also see a display of physical strength and then Salman Khan calls Umar and Pratik who are dressed in the veteran star’s costumes to come and announces a panja ladana match in between them wherein we see that Pratik tries really hard to make Umar lose but in the end both the times Umar wins by a 2-0 in this game.

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