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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar Promo: Neha Bhasin Lashes Out On Abhijit Bichukale; Latter Does Something Unthinkable That Engrages Salman Khan


January 9, 2022

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Neha Bhasin is seen showing her anger towards Abhijit Bichukale. Abhijit Bichukale does not hold back and does something unbelievable that forces host Salman Khan to lose his patience

As the show nears its conclusion, the contestants are getting into more fights. The show’s creators have come up with a novel idea of forming a panel of a few well-known faces who will be seen cheering on their favorite contestants, demonstrating proper technique, and encouraging them to be who they are. Not only that, but they’ll be teaming up with the other contestants to do the same.

The show’s panelists are Rahul Mahajan, Vishal Singh, Kashmera Shah, Neha Bhasin, Divya Agarwal, Geeta Kapur, and Debina Bonnerjee. In the promo, however, there is a lot of commotion between the guest and the contestants. Neha Bhasin can be seen threatening Abhijit Bichukale with her shoes, implying that she will kill him.

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As seen in the latest Bigg Boss 15 promo, Neha Bhasin, who has arrived as a guest on the show, is yelling at Abhijit Bhichukale and saying that if he talks to someone by saying ‘Paar Ke Jhuti Bolenge Na Toh Jhuti Se Hi Marunge Andhar Aake,’ to which Abhijit Bhichukale becomes enraged and tells Neha, ‘Mere Bhabhi Aaye Na Takli Karegi Tujhko.’ Not only that, but Kashmera Shah was seen lashing out at Karan Kundrra, saying that he does not deserve to be in the top five because of the way he is talking to Tejasswi. Divya was seen standing by Kashmera and saying, “Leave him alone.” Kashmera went on to tell Tejasswi to use her brain and listen to what others have to say.

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We saw how Salman Khan taught a few contestants, including Karan Kundrra, Abhijit Bichukale, and Umar Riaz, in the previous episode. In this episode, Salman Khan forces Tejasswi to face the reality that her problems should be limited to Karan Kundrra. He also asks Karan why Umar is unable to apologize while Tejasswi is required to do so. Why don’t you think Umar’s spirit of refusing to support Tejasswi has been with him for a long time? They also inform Karan that Umar’s plans are known to them. “Is it in your personality that you can’t take a joke?” Salman taunts Karan.

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