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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Karan Kundrra And Pratik Sehajpal Indulge In A Physical Scuffle; Latter Says ‘Maa Ke Naam Pe Gaali Mat Do’


November 22, 2021

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Where equations and friendships are seen changing in each minute within Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal turned the fun atmosphere tense with their physical showdown. Read on to know more

Where Bigg Boss 15 has always been about how the contestants play their game strongly with their mind and wit and also take stands for themselves whenever needed, it also places importance on how only it is the survival of the strongest and most loved celebs in the show that play a pivotal role in making the best out of the contestants by molding them into real winners who are also loved by audiences and fans.

In this much awaited Weekend Ka Vaar episode we see how Bharti Singh and husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa have come in as celebrity guests in the show for promoting their own game show called the Indian Game Show which would be coming only on their Youtube channel named Bharti TV from November 25th, 2021 and then we also see how they both come inside and meet the housemates and then do the fun slap task but with a huge hand prop filled with foam.

Bharti and Haarsh then call Pratik tells him to take that hand prop filled with foam and asks him that who according to him is the most aggressive person that he does not like and on this Pratik tells Karan’s name and gives in a reason that he gets very aggressive in tasks and also gives bad expletives which are demeaning and also gets physically aggressive to the point of almost harming the other person in tasks.

Pratik also adds in how he is really not a person who likes all this so he calls Karan and puts the foam on him and then Karan says that he is not that kind of person but Pratik doesn’t listen to him at all and then both of them are seen fighting with each other to the point that even the guests Bharti and Haarsh get scared and angry looking at it as during their heated physical scuffle, both of them come to the point where the glass barrier separating the contestants and Bharti was about to fall on her and seeing this both Haarsh and Bharti decided to eventually leave the show halfway itself.

Their fight went so aggressive that both of them eventually pushed each other and also hurt each other that lead to even Pratik shouting how he doesn’t like it when Karan said bad words to former’s mother which is something that he won’t tolerate and in end even Karan says that he will give bad words and also be physically aggressive when needed and also added that whatever Pratik wants to do to stop him he can try but he won’t.

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