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Bigg Boss 15 Upcoming Episode Synopsis: Karan Kundrra Reprimands Vishal Kotian For Betraying Rakhi Sister Shamita Shetty


November 15, 2021

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In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15, Vishal Kotian will be seen taking the utmost advantage of Raqesh Bapat’s exit following which Karan Kundrra slams him and tells him she’s his rakhi sister and betraying her is not right

We saw plenty of drama and heartbreak during this weekend’s episodes on Bigg Boss 15′! ShaRa fans were disappointed and left in shock when host Salman Khan announced that Raqesh Bapat would not return to the BB house. The aftershocks continued to be felt, with Shamita feeling broken without her beau by her side. Despite having sympathy for her, Vishal feels satisfied with Raqesh’s absence to benefit his game. As seen in the latest promo, Shamita is seen saying that she can’t deal with the mind games played by contestants inside the BB house. 

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15, Vishal will be seen taking the utmost advantage of Raqesh’s exit, he will be seen telling then housemates, ‘Ab toh Raqesh bhi nahi hai, aur aacha hai mere liye.’ However, Karan is reprimanding Vishal saying, ‘tu uska bhai hai, woh ab tak khadi hoti hai tere liye.’

On the other hand, in a true Bigg Boss style, the seeds of a ‘dangal’ were sowed when a ‘daraar’ took place between the housemates as they were divided into VIPs and non-VIPs! As they rightly say, with great power comes great responsibility. The VIP members of Bigg Boss were bestowed with the power to run the house at their will! The drama unfolded when the VIPs dominated their housemates by conspiring to palm off their tasks on the non-VIP housemates, leading to frustration and annoyance! An uprising is in the works as the non-VIP members are ready to overturn them!

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Karan triumphantly says, “Hamara khaana bhi wohi banaayenge, hamari cleaning bhi woh karenge, hamare bathroom bhi wohi saaf karenge!” Infuriated by their behaviour, Jay lashes out at them, “Insaano ki fitrat pata chalti hai jab power haath mein aati hai!” Pratik bluntly declares that he is a slave to no one and will not dance to their tunes. Tejasswi hits back that they have no choice but to listen to the commands of VIPs. Jay tells Karan how he doesn’t like their tone, but the latter threatens they have more than one way to make them (housemates) obey their commands. How will the non-VIPs manage? Only time will tell!

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