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Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz’s Befitting Response To Rakhi Sawant’s Husband Ritesh Gives Late Sidharth Shukla Vibes To Fans – READ TWEETS


November 30, 2021

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In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, fans applauded the way how Umar Riaz’s befitting answer to Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh had been clear and also mentioned how he shows glimpses of late BB13 winner

With the eviction of the bottom four contestants Vishal, Neha, Jay, and Simba, and the entry of the terrific and strong fiery five wildcard contestants who are known as trailblazing TV personalities that have been loved by makers as they had created history in the show we have been witnessing the comeback of entertainment and challenges where right from their entry, we have been seeing how Rakhi Sawant, Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Abhijit Bichukale and Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh have given a wakeup call to the contestants and are also constantly wreaking havoc on the cluster of NON VIP members as they both continuously dominate them in the house and also are seen pushing their wrong buttons to get a reaction out of them and beating all odds and breaking the cliches, we also saw how Umar Riaz started a new revolution by strongly opposing the VIP members.

In the episode, we all saw how Rakhi Sawant and Rajiv had a huge heated argument over kitchen duties, and while she tried dominating Rajiv and reassigning his duties Rajiv took a stand for himself and said that he refuses to accept new duties since he knows what he is doing but this irked Rakhi who then insulted him a lot by saying that he spits in the food while arguing with others and Rajiv replied that she is using a bad language and is talking filthy and on this Rakhi asserted she is a VIP and which is why she will speak.

Later, when Abhijit Bichukale entered the house as the newest VIP member, he decided to snatch away Umar’s bed but taking a stand for himself here, Umar denied it and refused to accept the same and told Rakhi that he doesn’t care about their VIP status at all and will sleep on this same bed only and even when Rakhi said that she is the VIP member and she has every right to order him to do certain things he didn’t listen and paid heed to anyone in the house.

Amidst this growing tension, we also saw how Rakhi’s husband Ritesh comes into the picture and tries to interfere in same by pushing Umar and trying to scare and intimidate him for agreeing to it but then Umar loses his calm and cool over Ritesh and pushes him hard by using his physical aggression and strength which irks Rakhi and she comes in to defend her husband Ritesh but when both Umar and Ritesh are not ready to back down the fight gets more intense and later on we also see that when Ritesh says he’s crossing his limits by not listening to them and challenged him to throw away the star badge, here Umar gave a savage answer which was that not only star, but he would pick Ritesh up and throw him out of the house.

Umar’s strong stand against the VIP got appreciated by the viewers who couldn’t help but just shower praises on him. Some people said that they got major Sidharth Shukla vibes with his aggression.

One fan wrote that he got impressed by the way Umar said this dialogue of how he would pick up Rakhi’s husband and throw him out of the house and now he is a big fan.

Another fan’s tweet mentioned the dialogue of VIP going into dumps and trash and laughing out loud, he also mentioned how much he loves Umar Riaz and told him to keep it up.

Another fan also mentioned how Umar Riaz’s dialogue to Ritesh of not only throwing away the star but also picking him up and throwing him out of the house is so savage and epic that only he can do it.

Another fan also added how Umar said that he will throw away all their VIP stars and Ritesh came running away towards him and then Umar said that why is Ritesh shouting and should he also pick him up and throw him out of the house was so iconic that only Umar Riaz can do this.

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