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Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz Retaliates To Geeta Kapur’s Accusations, Says; “Let Me Tell You About My Inherent Nature”


January 11, 2022

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Umar Riaz took to his twitter handle to give it back to choreographer Geeta Kapur who was seen bashing the surgeon stating that she will never get herself treated from a doctor like him

Umar Riaz was bashed not just by host Salman Khan but by the panel present on the weekend ka vaar episode too. The actor/surgeon was questioned by Geeta Kapur when the choreographer went ahead to state that she will never get herself treated by a doctor like Umar and that she believes his inherent nature is ‘violence.’

Well, Umar Riaz who was evicted from the show on Friday has finally taken to his twitter handle to retaliate and give it back to Geeta Kapur and her accusations. The surgeon went ahead to slam the choreographer on her statements and stated that Geeta tried to demean him on national television by trying to set a narrative. Umar further stated that he wants to explain to Geeta what his inherent nature actually is and revealed how, he as a doctor fought for the people during a worldwide deadly pandemic and did not even care about his health. Umar stated that what he has inherited is to serve selflessly and that is his inherent nature.
Have a look at Umar Riaz’s tweets here:

@geetakapur u have intermingled my profession as a doctor and my behavior in a reality show and judged me. My rxn has always been on an action towards me which u failed to understand. Its so unfortunate that you tried to demean me on national tv just to set a narrative about me.

@geetakapur maam, ill tell u my inherit nature. When Covid hit all India, I was the one working all day night to serve my country and my people without thinking about my health coz that is what i got in inheritance which is to serve and to give and not think about myself.

The surgeon also thanked his fans for all the love and support and stated that he will soon hit the screens for all his fans.

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Well, what is your take on Umar Riaz’s retaliation to Geeta Kapur? Let us know in the comments section belo

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