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Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash And Vishal Kotian Strike Up A Real Conversation With Each Other About Evictions And Changing Game


November 9, 2021

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This game of connections and equations keep on evolving constantly in Bigg Boss 15 as Tejasswi Prakash and Vishal Kotian have a heartfelt interaction with each other

Where Bigg Boss 15 has always been about how the contestants play their game strongly with their mind and wit and also take stands for themselves whenever needed, it also places importance on how only it is the survival of the strongest and most loved celebs in the show that play a pivotal role in making the best out of the contestants by molding them into real winners who are also loved by audiences and fans.

In the episode we see how Tejasswi Prakash and Vishal Kotian are seen having a real conversation with each other in relation to the evictions and changing game inside the house with each second nowadays as it’s not easy to believe or trust anyone in this house now.

Both Tejasswi and Vishal also are talking about the entire game along with her feelings and insecurities where Tejasswi says that she is feeling so lonely and alone right now in the house as everyone has someone or other but she doesn’t and now after Miesha and Ieshaan’s eviction, it has suddenly hit her very hard as slowly and steadily everyone is seen going away slowly from the house and also mentioned that they all had started this entire journey from the jungle to the house together and now very few people are left.

Talking about Karan,Tejasswi clearly brings it out in open about how she is not a person who has problems with him talking to Shamita but the way everyone is targeting her outside the house is so bad which has made her broken as well since she doesn’t want any pity or sorry from anyone at all.

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On this Vishal adds that how can she say that as he, karan and umar are also there with her and here Tejasswi says that guests from outside also blame her saying that she doesn’t like Karan talking to Shamita which is not real and true as everyone knows she is not that type of person.

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