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Bigg Boss 15: Shilpa Shetty Is Cheering Up Her Younger Sister Tunki Aka Shamita Shetty By Mentioning THIS – WATCH VIDEO


January 2, 2022

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The globally loved Bollywood starlet Shilpa Shetty who recently had a virtual video call with Shamita Shetty in Bigg Boss 15 has shared a video post that shows Shamita Shetty’s journey in the house

We all know that currently talking about the game of all the contestants in the house, everyone is giving their thousand percent in every task and they all have had their own share of struggles and emotional moments within this journey and talking about this particular celeb contestant who has been getting so much of love from audiences, viewers, fans and has gotten applauded many a times by the host Salman Khan himself but also gotten reprimanded as well for her over the top kind of behavior, we are undoubtedly talking about renowned bollywood actress Shamita Shetty who has been getting so much of love and accolades from everyone for being such a strong player and playing her game so amazingly and is taking each challenge with a heads on attitude as well and this recent episode of the much awaited Weekend Ka Vaar got much memorable as her elder sister, the iconic bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty talked with her Tunki aka Shamita Shetty via a video call virtually and applauded her for becoming so strong emotionally and mentally.

Taking to her official instagram account, Shilpa has dropped in a fan made edited video as a post a few hours back itself and lauded Shamita for facing each hurdle with a fiery attitude and also added how now finally the time for her has come to give it her all and win the trophy for finally getting it home.

This particular video has shown Shamita’s entire journey inside the house right from day one till now. In the video fans can see how Shamita is seen arguing and vocally giving in her strong opinions whilst in verbal spats with other contestants and also showed her getting pushed by other housemates and also pushing others in the show and special mention to the iconic Mardaani Anthem which has been heard playing in the background of the video.

Shilpa’s caption mentioned how her sister Shamita would rather walk alone in darkness then follow anyone’s shadow and also added how seeing her take on every hurdle, challenge, and disagreement head-on is something that makes her very proud of Shamita and mentioning her childhood nickname Tunki, she also wrote how much she loves that Shamita has gracefully and tactfully dealt with everything in this journey and added that now it is the time for her to come home by winning this trophy and she and everyone else are ardently cheering for her and supporting her as well.

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